Why You Should Find an Expert at TAG Heuer Watch Repair | Highlands Ranch, CO

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For the watch-enthusiasts among us, wearing a luxury timepiece on your wrist is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Every watch, no matter the quality, will inevitably need some repairs at some point. Mechanical watches have a huge number of components, for example the TAG Heuer Calibre 360 has up to 230 parts, so it is important to find a TAG Heuer watch repair specialist in Highlands Ranch, CO, who can maintain your prized possession.

When you are using your watch every day, it encounters lots of wear and tear, so it is important to take precautions to minimize the need for big repairs and to keep it well maintained. Some of the steps you can take to protect your watch include regular cleaning, avoiding water exposure and magnetic fields.

Find a Licensed Professional

The reason that finding a certified TAG Heuer watch repair specialist is because most wristwatch brands do not allow access to their repair manuals unless certification exams have been passed. Often successful watch repair and maintenance requires expensive equipment, so it is paramount that you find an experienced in-house expert in TAG Heuer watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO to ensure optimum care for your timepiece.

5 Signs That Your Watch Needs to Be Repaired

The Battery Lasts for Less Than a Year

There are various reasons why your wristwatch battery might last for less than a year. If you use the chronograph and alarm functions regularly and keep them on, this can drain the battery significantly faster. In addition, water damage and the age of your watch can affect how long the battery life lasts. If your battery needs to be replaced, come and find a TAG Heuer watch repair specialist to replace it.

The Buttons Are Jammed Inside

One of the most common problems with watches is that the buttons gets jammed when you push them in. There is a tiny spring inside which is attached to a stem that moves in and out when you push the button. Over time, corrosion and dirt accumulation can cause the spring to jam. When this happens, it’s advisable to visit a TAG Heuer watch repair specialist to perform a complete maintenance check to prevent problems in the future.

The Second-hand Skips Ahead

The second-hand skipping a few seconds ahead is one of the first signs that the battery life is coming near the end. The second hand moving irregularly is a feature which certain timepieces have to alert the owner that the battery needs to be replaced. When your watch starts to do this, it’s time to visit a TAG Heuer watch repair professional. If it is left too long without being replaced, this can lead to the battery leaking out acid, which makes the removal and replacement process more difficult.

There is Moisture in the Case

If you see any moisture or condensation inside the watch face, it is highly likely that a dead battery isn’t too far away. With so many components involved in a watch, even a small amount of moisture can corrode the mechanisms, which will lead to problems with keeping correct time and eventually killing the battery. If you notice any moisture in your watch, take it to a TAG Heuer watch repair expert to take it apart and dry the components.

There Is a Rattling in the Case

If you can hear a rattling sound inside the watch, it is probably a sign that the hands are loose. The internal watch mechanisms are incredibly intricate, and if just one component is loose, it can affect the whole watch. Sometimes your watch appears to be working fine even though there is a rattle, but it’s important to get it checked out by a TAG Heuer watch repair professional as soon as you notice the rattle before more parts are damaged.

What to Expect from Our TAG Heuer Watch Repair Service

It is advised that you get your watch serviced at least once every five years, but it may sometimes be necessary to service it more frequently, if it encounters heavy daily wear and tear for example. Watch repair, will involve the following procedure:

  1. The watch repair specialists will carry out a thorough examination of the wristwatch to determine how much damage there is.
  2. The inner section is lubricated to help prevent any friction occurring and to make sure it runs as smoothly as it did when it was new.
  3. The condition of the balance wheel is carefully examined.
  4. The strap is either cleaned using specific solutions or replaced if necessary.
  5. Finally, an overall inspection is carried out to guarantee that all of the parts are functioning properly.

What to Look for In Watch Repair Service in Highlands Ranch, CO

When you are choosing a watch repair specialist, it’s important to take note of a few key details. You should ask if the repair expert keeps the original parts of the watch and remember that you can always ask them not to replace a particular part. It’s also vital that you make sure that the repairing service has plentiful experience in your brand of watch. Don’t waste your time choosing someone that doesn’t have the right experience, as any errors could double the repair costs.

Most importantly, never attempt DIY repair. Although it is tempting to throw on a YouTube video and do a quick fix yourself, this can lead to even more damage, which can be costly to rectify, and could invalidate the warranty.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by decisions about finding the right repair service to take care of a precious timepiece. Just remember to take necessary precautions to minimize damage to your watch in daily life and to find a qualified expert who will help maintain your watch so that it lasts you a lifetime. Luckily our TAG Heuer watch repair specialists at Matheus Fine Watches & Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO can take care of all of your needs.