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Many old, vintage watches, like the Seiko Prospex watch, are passed down from generation to generation. Not only is the quality so high that it can be used by generations down the line, but the design is so classic that it still looks good with various outfits. The best part about vintage, luxury watches is that they will often hold value, if not increase in value. Some of the rarer watches are valued up to six digits, if not more, and being able to adorn a watch like that on your wrist is truly a luxury. It’s like walking around with an art piece.

If you have a vintage watch that’s been passed down for generations in your household, it’s crucial that you take good care of it and get it repaired by a certified technician who knows exactly what they’re doing. There are so many little parts inside these watches that one wrong move can cause a significant amount of damage. Finding the right watch repair company in Highlands Ranch, CO is crucial. Don’t try to repair your watch by yourself or send it off to just any repair company or technician.

Vintage watches, like Seiko Prospex watches, need to be treated differently. In this article, we’ll look at 3 interesting facts that you might not know about.

#1. Sometimes, It’s Better to Not Apply the Luminous

Some old, vintage watches have luminous numbers so that it glows in the dark. The luminous will usually fade in about 15 to 20 years, so then, you’ll be left with the dilemma of whether you should get the luminous repainted during the watch repair. Some Seiko Prospex watches have luminous on them, which help them “stand out”, but you might not necessarily want to reapply it.

First things first, reapplying the luminous is actually a fairly easy thing to do and shouldn’t be too expensive at all. If you plan on using the watch and really do like the fact that it glows in the dark, then by all means go ahead and reapply it. However, if you want to maintain the resale value of the watch, it might actually be better to not make any changes to it. This includes reapplying the luminous. A lot of buyers will actually pay a lot more for a watch that has signs of age and patina. By reapplying the luminous, you might actually be decreasing the value of your watch.

#2. Scratches from Sapphire Cannot Be Repaired

It’s not unusual for many people to bring their old, vintage watches in because they see a scratch on the glass. However, the cost of repairing this will vary depending on the type of material that the glass is made from. If the glass is made from plastic or acrylic, then the scratch can be easily repaired. The repair will also be fairly affordable as well, so if it’s something that’s bothering you, you can easily get it fixed right away.

However, if the glass is made from sapphire, like with Seiko Prospex watches, that’s a different story altogether. Sapphire cannot be repaired, so it will need to be replaced. Due to this reason, these types of watch repair services will typically be a lot more expensive; however, to be fair, it is much harder to scratch sapphire than it is to scratch acrylic or plastic. It takes quite a lot to scratch sapphire glass, which is why it’s so easy to pass down Seiko Prospex watches to the next generation. Unless you’re doing some intense exercise and sport while wearing these watches, the glass shouldn’t get scratched at all.

#3. Mechanical Parts May Need to Be Custom Made

If you have an older, vintage watch, the watch repair service may sometimes quote you a fairly long time to fix the watch. You can’t just drop the watch off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. It can take days, if not weeks for the watch repair to get everything in order. Repairing a quartz watch is more affordable than repairing a mechanical watch. Repairing a quartz watch is more affordable than repairing a mechanical watch. Although some of the simple repairs only require simple cleaning and oiling, bigger problems can be difficult to tackle. The parts inside the mechanical watches may be difficult to find, and, in some cases, the watch repair service may actually need to make those pieces from scratch again.

This is one of the reasons why watch repair services for old, vintage watches, like Seiko Prospex mechanical auto winding watches, can be quite expensive. In fact, depending on the type of watch that you need to be repaired, as well as the part that is damaged, some watch repair services can cost upwards of a thousand dollars! This is also why it’s important to find a certified technician, as only they will be able to find you a custom part that fits the bill and is high in quality. If you find someone who is not certified, they may not be able to handle this big of a job. Whatever they do to your watch could end up damaging it even further.

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If you own a Seiko Prospex watch, then you should take care of it as much as possible. These watches are a work of art, and they are so high in quality that they can be passed down from generation to generation. The design is also very classic. In fact, Seiko created their first watches in 1881, and these watches are still very classy today. In fact, they are highly sought after by many collectors.

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