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If you are a thrill seeker and someone who enjoys the more refined things in life, then Seiko Prospex Divers watches will likely appeal to you. These high-end watches rarely require watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, and are extremely functional and attractive. Deemed a “big watch” according to industry standards most Seiko Prospex watches easily measure over 40mm in diameter and are crafted to be extremely waterproof and resistant and able to withstand the tough nature of high impact water sports. Even if you aren’t a diver, if you appreciate a strong piece of craftsmanship that won’t leave you looking for watch repair within the year, Seiko might have something for you.

In short, these luxury watches are designed to be stylish yet rugged both above and below water. In terms of their water resistance, most watches within the range can hold their own in up to 200 meters of water. In addition, the unique range is also ISO-6425 certified which takes them one step further into the luxury category of watches. It also means that this is a watch that you wouldn’t want to let just anyone handle, so you will need to be discriminatory when it comes to seeking out repair and service for your watch down the line.

What is an ISO 6425 Certified Watch?

There are a lot of watches out there that are referred to as divers’ watches, but just because a manufacturer says something is a diver’s watch does not mean it is. This term is often used to describe the appearance of watches and is not safe to actually take under the water with you unless you want to be paying for watch repair or watch replacement soon afterward.

The only watches that are actually meant to be used for diving or extreme water sports are watches that carry an ISO 6425 certification. In order to actually receive this certification watches have to be tested to prove that they can retain their water resistance at depths as high as 200 meters. Keep in mind that water is not the only obstacle facing diving watches, atmospheric pressure is the other large obstacle.

In addition, watches that earn this certification must be unidirectional which means they can only be turned in one way and not backward. You should be able to see that the Bevel is moving both by looking and also by listening for the click noise that it will make as the bevel is adjusted. The reason this is important is that when the watch is submerged in water, the bevel adjusts and becomes much harder to turn so that it isn’t knocked out of place changing the time on your timepiece. This tough feature makes it less likely that there will be damage to your bevel which once again means you can probably avoid watch repair by choosing a high-end watch that is meant to meet the extreme needs of your lifestyle.

What is a Seiko Prospex Turtle?

If you have heard the term turtle, you may wonder if this is a deviation from the traditional Seiko Prospex range, but in reality, this is just a slight variation on the traditional design. A turtle watch has a slight curve at the back of the watch which is why it earned its nickname. Depending on how you tilt the watch and look at the case it can look a bit like a turtle shell. Nothing about the watch or its performance is affected by the case shape, so it is really just about your own personal preference when choosing your next watch.

What is the Seiko Prospex Samurai?

While you might feel like a samurai when you are wearing a suave Seiko Prospex watch, there isn’t much different about this range of Seiko watches either. They are just as strong and noteworthy as any other watch under the brand envelope, and also don’t require much watch repair so long as you keep up with regular maintenance and servicing. The main reason that this particular range of watches earned their nickname is because of the minute and second hand on the watch. The hands have a tiny, pointed sword point that resembles the samurai and adds just a little bit of flair to the distinguished watch.

Special Edition Seiko Prospex Watches

Of course, like most high-end watches there is also special edition Seiko Prospex watches for those who like the idea of owning one-of-a-kind limited edition timepieces. The thrill of owning a special edition that not many others will have is undeniable, and while they will require specialized watch repair, if you keep up with the maintenance of your watch you could potentially have it for years. There are a few special editions on the market right now, and there are other ways that you can customize your traditional watch by changing the faceplate color or undertones.

One of the most notable watches out there right now is the Save the Ocean Seiko Prospex. This watch was created to help protect the marine world with Seiko donating a portion of all proceeds to the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. That makes it easy to feel good about your final purchase because the center helps to educate and bring awareness to the issues that are facing our oceans and the marine animals that live in them.

An even more notable watch is a sub variation of the watch known as the Great White Shark Special Edition. This watch features a blue metallic pattern on the timepiece that resembles a wave and has a shark fin worked into the final design. These watches follow the same watch repair and service schedule as any other Seiko Prospex. If you need routine service or watch repair on this or any other Seiko Prospex, Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry in Highlands Ranch, CO can help. Call us today to schedule your appointment for watch repair.