6 Common Watch Repair Issues And How You Can Fix Them | Denver, CO

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It is impossible to carry on without a watch on the wrist. No matter how many gadgets are there around to tell the time, nothing can beat the elegance of a classy wristwatch. A wristwatch makes for the perfect gift, and by having some stunning watches in your collection, you are sure to make head turns wherever you go. However, like all other mechanical objects, watches too can run into some issues, and you should only consult an expert watch repair company to take care of them. DIY methods do not work on watches because the internal components are very delicate and require specialized treatment. Watch problems can be more common than you think, so it is a good idea to opt for experts when your high-end luxury watch develops an issue. Here are some of them.

  1.   Battery Loss

If you find that your luxury watch has suddenly stopped working, it could be because the battery is dead. Fine watches do not always use batteries, but if there are batteries inside, a new watch should have a battery capacity of at least two years. Analog watches run non-stop, and if you want to save battery life, you could stop the watch at night when you are sleeping by pulling out the time adjustment button. However, it is not always possible to do that. If your watch has a chronograph function, the battery will deplete rapidly if you keep it running all the time.

In case you suspect your watch battery is depleted, take it to a watch repair expert who will replace the depleted battery with a new one, which is compatible with your watch. It would help if you never tried to superimpose any watch battery on fine watches yourself since they have precise battery requirements. A faulty battery can fry the components at extreme temperatures.

  1.   The Second Hand Skipping

This is quite a common problem, but it needs expert care. You might have seen at times that the second hand of the watch skips ahead, and eventually, you might notice the watch displaying wrong timings. This can be incredibly frustrating. The fault may lie in the electrical components of the watch behaving inaccurately. A watch repair expert in Denver, CO, will be able to detect the exact reason behind the problem and fix it for you. A nearly depleted battery is often the cause, but you should refrain from making assumptions yourself.

  1.   Water Damage

Water can be a bane to watches, and if water enters your watch while you were out in the rain or because you forgot to remove your watch when you went for a swim, it can be a cause of concern. You will notice the watch behaving erratically. It might keep slowing down and eventually might stop altogether. Do not try to open the watch’s back case and try to dry it out with a hairdryer or put it inside a microwave, instead of taking it to a watch repair expert! These DIY tricks can be enough to cause damage to your luxury watch beyond repair because the fine watch components need expert handling.

It would help if you took the watch to a repair technician who will use a specialized technique to completely dry out the watch using the safest methods without harming any internal components.

  1.   Damage From Impact

At times, you could damage your fine watch inadvertently during an impact. Your watch hand might have crashed somewhere, or something heavy could have fallen on the watch in a freak incident. You might have even dropped your watch accidentally while removing it. It could lead to the glass cracking or the band being bruised. The internal components could have also become dislodged due to the impact.

You should carefully remove the watch from your hand and wrap it in a handkerchief. The extent of the physical damage will determine the kind of watch repair it would need. If the internal wheels or the gears have been dislodged, then you should only rely on watch repair experts in Denver, CO, to put your watch back in shape.

  1.   Buttons Are Stuck

Many luxury watches have buttons or dials that have to be pushed or rotated to adjust the timings. If you suddenly notice that they are not moving as smoothly as they should or are completely stuck, then it is time to take the watch to a technician. In most cases, the cause may be something as simple as gathered dust. However, some internal components might also have come apart, and there is no way of knowing it unless the watch has been opened. You should only leave this to a watch repair expert, and they will make your buttons and dial work smoothly again.

  1.   High Electrical Current

You might notice that the watch stops working as soon as you put it on in some cases. Even if you have the battery replaced, it might still have the same result. This could be due to the high electrical charge running through the watch that it gets from your body. It could happen when you are also working near an electrical outlet. In such cases, your watch technician might be able to help you by installing extra cladding around the watch. However, it is very specialized work, and only a watch repair expert will guide you.

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