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Your watch is designed to keep track of time, night and day. For busy people, wearing them is a necessity. This is why your watch must always be in top shape. They should always be in good working condition. Avoid dust, dirt, UV radiation and other extreme temperatures — these are your watch’s mortal enemies. Thankfully, there are ways to effectively take care of your watch to avoid a watch repair service in Highlands Ranch, CO.

While most watches these days are shockproof and last longer, it will work even better when it’s treated well. All watches have over 200 movement parts that are minuscule in size. To keep them all from running, your watch needs constant maintenance and care.

Below are a few helpful tips that you can do to keep your watch in top shape:

1. Clean it Regularly

It’s not good to wear a dirty watch. Make it a habit to clean your watch as small particles of dirt may work their way inside and damage it eventually. For leather watches, use a damp cloth for cleaning. If your watch has some diamonds or markings, use cotton buds for getting rid of the dirt. Vintage watches may be sent to the jewelry store as they know how to take care of them better. You can also use a microfiber polishing cloth for cleaning as it’s more effective. Using a little water may be helpful but do make sure that you don’t get the straps wet and the crown is fully secure. Do not, under any circumstance, use soap as its molecules may creep into the small spaces and damage your watch. Also, make sure that your skin is dry before wearing your watch. Salt and sweat can make a watch even more susceptible to rust. Clean your watch regularly to avoid a repair service.

2. Wind your Watch Once a Month

Although lubricants last longer, they do tend to conceal eventually. It’s important that you keep your watch fully wound at least once a month to spread the lubricant and for your watch to work perfectly. Do not wind your watch when there is a hard surface or while walking. When it falls, you may need to get a watch repair service in Highlands Ranch, CO. Also, do not wind it on your wrist as that will create pressure on the stem. Chances are it will either break or bend.

3. Do Not Test your Watch’s Limit

Although your watch is sturdy, do not attempt to test how strong it is. Do not wear it while playing sports or you may have a problem. A watch repair service can be expensive, depending on the damage. While watches have perfect protection, they may not be able to survive when severely damaged. To avoid a watch repair service always take care of your watch.

4. Check Gasket and Seals

While your watch has a high water resistance rating, it can be impaired when the materials in the seals or gaskets dry out. Make sure you check them regularly and check your water resistance annually too. You may be able to do this with the manufacturer as they usually have machines for checking the water resistance.

If your water resistance is 50 meters, you should be able to shower or swim in shallow waters; snorkeling for 100 meters; scuba diving for 200 meters; and deep dive for 500 meters.

5. Carefully Change the Straps

Although scratches are just a minor problem, you should still avoid them. The easiest way to scratch your watch is when you change its straps. As much as possible, have someone teach you how to do it. An instructional video may also help. Use only good tools for changing the straps and never use a knife under any circumstances. To avoid scratches, work from the backside. You may also put masking tape on the lugs if you are afraid that it might slip.

6. Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Perfumes, lotions or other chemicals may damage your watch. To avoid a watch repair service, make sure that you are not wearing your watch when you put on lotion or cologne. Also, do not let it get too much exposure to direct sunlight. It may shorten its lifespan.

7. Have it Serviced

To avoid a watch repair service, get your watch fully serviced at least once every five years. A full service involves disassembling and reassembling your watch. Get a reliable company for this as it can be difficult to reassemble especially for newer watches. Consider having it serviced when you notice that your watch runs too fast or too slow, when the date doesn’t change or when it simply stops working. When it’s just a minor problem, consider getting a watch repair service. To avoid costly maintenance, do it within the warranty period.

Always Read the Manual and Keep the Box for Storage Purposes

It is best practice to read the manufacturer’s manual as it contains helpful tips directly from the manufacturer. Also, keep the box to keep it protected at all times when you are not using it. Storing your watch properly will preserve it and you get to avoid costly watch repair services.

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