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If you’ve had a watch in your family for generations, you’ll want to take good care of it, especially when it comes to having watch repairs. Vintage watches are beautiful and unique, and you’ll likely want to pass your down to your children or grandchildren. Finding a reliable repair service that charges reasonable rates and can work on vintage watches can be tricky. If you’re looking for servicing for an old specimen, it’s crucial to find a skilled watchmaker who has the necessary experience to deal with your watch.

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Vintage Watch Maintenance

Repairing and maintaining vintage watches is a delicate task that should only be attempted by an experienced watchmaker. You don’t want your watch to end up being butchered, so it’s essential to find a company that has experience of repairing older timepieces.

An older watch’s casing can be particularly prone to damage. A visit to an incompetent watch repair service could result in more marks or scratches on the watch, then after five decades of wear and tear. You don’t want your watch to become the victim of experimental servicing that often happens due to a lack of experience or even respect.

Choose A Good Watch Repair Service

You’ll want to find a watchmaker that’s passionate and knowledgeable about their trade. Watchmakers often specialize in specific brands, as repairing a vintage watch can be tricky and time-consuming. Repairing a modern watch is easier and has a higher success rate. This is due to the easier availability of the replacement parts. With vintage watches, it may take a while to source the correct parts.

If the vintage watch repair requires sourcing some specialist parts, such as a damaged case, crowns, pushers, or special crystals, the time your repair will take is likely to be stretched over several months. It often takes the watches owner or the watchmaker months to track down a long-forgotten piece online or at an auction, and repairing a vintage watch can often be a labor of love.

If you own a vintage timepiece and are looking for a watch repair service, you’ll need to find a dedicated; some would say obsessed watchmaker who is interested in working on older watches. Many watchmakers say that their job is their hobby. Repairing modern watches is easier and cleaner, there are also less surprises. But it’s often a vintage watch that brings watchmakers the most job satisfaction.

A passionate watchmaker will take the time to explain what the problem is with your watch. This is an opportunity for you to stand out from the other customers and make him remember you. It’s a good idea to build a friendship with your watchmaker, particularly if you own more than one vintage watch. This will allow you to have someone to turn to when there are issues with your timepiece.

The Watchmakers Tools

A watchmaker will often use an old tool when repairing vintage watches. In some cases, the tools are older than the watch themselves. Watchmakers usually collect tools that are hard to buy today. They will also use a selection of modern tools and gadgetry for the repair.

Watchmakers often inherit tools from their mentors. These tools and machinery have personal stories which adds to their charm.

How Long Will It Take To Repair A Watch?

Watch repair can take anything from a few minutes to a few months and everything in between. It’s common for modern watches to be fixed or serviced relatively quickly. With a vintage watch, it’s hard to say precisely how long the repairs will take.

It will depend on the type of repairs that need to be carried out and whether or not the parts are easily accessible. A full basic overhaul is likely to take about three hours. However, if many rusty movements need to be replaced, this will take a lot longer.

Each vintage watch has a long history, and it’s own story. For example, my grandfather had a pocket watch that was given to him by his father. It managed to survive the war with him after he jumped from a sinking ship. Each watch has a story to tell and needs to be treated with care and respect. Every vintage watch requires an original solution; no two watch repairs are the same.

Sourcing Parts

Repairing and maintaining watches is a very skilled job, especially when being carried out on a vintage model. A competent watchmaker should have adequate experience and would have mastered many tricks over the years. They should know where to source standard components such as new balance staff as these are often broken in vintage watches.

A good watchmaker will be able to fix a broken part if they cannot source a replacement. For example, they can drill off broken pivots and replace them with new ones. This is a very delicate process that requires skill and a specific technique that requires high precision. The watchmaker will have to be relaxed and take his time. If something goes wrong at the last moment, the whole process will need to be repeated.

Matheu’s Fine Watches¬†

If you own a vintage or modern watch and are searching for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, don’t hesitate to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches. The company has stores in Highlands Ranch. They are a BBB accredited business and can be contacted on 303-471-TIME (8463).