8 Things to Consider Before Looking for an Expert of Watch Repair in Aurora, CO

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If you are currently in possession of a vintage watch (which could be a family heirloom) or an expensive timepiece for that matter, you have to keep in mind many factors before taking any step.

Reason being, low-end and mid-range watches are a separate matter altogether, but pricey timepieces have certain strings attached due to which you need to tread carefully.

Listed below are top 8 things to ponder before you decide to head out in search of a well-known service of watch repair in Aurora, CO. The price and longevity of your watch depends on these factors considerably:


1.  Storing It Appropriately

Dust and humidity are atmospheric elements, which are harmful to a wristwatch. This is why it is advisable to keep them in temperature-controlled and dry environments. When a watch is exposed to moisture and humidity, it can quickly initiate a chain reaction of rust on its internal machinery.

Apart from that, watches should also be prevented from exposure to sunlight as its condition worsens due to repeat contact. Sunlight tends to fade the dials of vintage wristwatches to a brownish or blackish shade. This decreases its resale value and you will have to take your prized possession to a certifiedexpert of watch repair in Aurora, CO, for maintenance services.


2.  Taking Care of Movements

Fluid and accurate movements allow a watch to keep time with precision. This is why it is important to keeping them in proper working condition. When different parts of a timepiece are exposed to moisture or dust, they tend to lose their internal lubrication.

There could be any given number of individual components in a watch. In case of an exposure, the internal components quickly begin to rust. Over time, the accuracy of the watch will be affected and before you know it, you might be looking for an experienced and trained professional of watch repair in Aurora, CO, to replace its internal machinery.


3.  Changing Crystals Carefully

Generally, crystal is the least important component of a wristwatch. It is an added advantage to have an original crystal. However, watch collectors can be very forgiving if an owner may not have it, has cracked, or damaged it. In some cases, it does affect the aesthetics of a watch.

The only exception to the rule is when crystals of a particular wristwatch are unobtainable or very rare. Some of these watches could be from the 1960s or vintage items such as Panerai whose crystals are no longer in production.

Due to this reason, it is advisable to prevent your timepiece from accidental bumps and knocks because an expert of watch repair in Aurora, CO, may not necessarily have the exact crystal of the model.


4.  Keeping Original Bracelets

Original bracelets are of immense value to the collectors. At times, they have the necessary aesthetic features, which accentuates the whole timepiece. Enthusiastic watch collectors prefer to purchase timepieces with authentic bracelets since it complements the watch, but also retains its original value.

If you currently own a vintage timepiece with an original bracelet in mint condition, chances are you will not need to find a renowned service for watch repair in Aurora, CO, to find a new one for you.


5.  To Polish or Not to Polish

If you feel that, your timepiece is worth a hefty price, then you will need to tell the watchmaker exactly you want with your watch. For vintage timepieces, originality is of paramount importance and some of the users may want to restore the watch to its original state.

In essence, when a watch is restored to its original condition, its original value is reduced. This holds true in particular when the exterior case is polished, original components are changed or the luminous material on the dial is repainted.

This is why you should first take a second opinion before heading out to a renowned specialist of watch repair in Aurora, CO, because there could be no turning back from it.


6.  Preserving Bezels and Dials

As per established standards, the actual value of watch is in its dial. Hence, it is imperative to keep it in its original condition. Wristwatches belonging from the 1930s and 1950s had particular dials, which had a coating of radium. If a timepiece is taken to a locally renowned service of watch repair in Aurora, CO, chances are less that it able to replace the old dial with a new radium-coated one.

Other than that, replacing bezel and crowns also diminishes the asking price of a watch. Due to this reason, proper care is necessary.


7.  Regular Service

Yes, that old chestnut again. A wristwatch needs to undergo a service after a few years by a reputable specialist. In this regard, experts suggest servicing a worn-out watch after a period of 3 to 5 years. For users who wear watches sporadically (few times a year), it may not need to be serviced that frequently.

If you do require to have your wristwatch serviced from an expert professional of watch repair in Aurora, CO, it is advised that you look for an in-house service. Such entities have trained and certified professionals to deal with different types of timepieces.


8.  Wearing Valuable Timepieces

Be it vintage or an expensive timepiece, the collectors do enjoy sporting their watches. But it gets complicated. Vintage timepieces from the 1930s are vulnerable to dust and humidity whereas the ones from 1960s are less susceptible to atmospheric conditions.

Due to this reason, you need to be sure about sporting a vintage timepiece safely because its condition affects its resale value. For a better opinion, you can visit an established and renowned entity for watch repair in Aurora, CO.



These are top 8 factors which you need to think and consider before sending off your watch for a repair/service. Timepieces, which are collectors’ items, have immense value in the market and if you are fortunate enough to have one, then its care is your responsibility.


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