8 Times When You Might Need an Expert of Watch Repair in Englewood, CO

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Apart from your attire, your watch enables you to stand out from the crowd since your individual style speaks for itself. It is one universal accessory, which signifies success and power unanimously all across the planet.

People do notice an attractive watch. It is something that humans have been conditioned to identify and praise. Owning a timepiece also makes you responsible for its maintenance and servicing.

This brings us to the main subject of the article, which focuses on conventional issues of a mechanical watch. Keeping these in mind will enable you to be on the lookout for a seasoned professional of watch repair in Englewood, CO, and avert costly repairs in the future.


1.  Magnetism

If your wristwatch starts to function extremely fast (20+ seconds/day), it usually means that the hairspring coils have been magnetized accidentally. Due to this, the coils are sticking together. In such a case, the rotation of the balance wheel shortens and beat rate increases considerably.

For any professional and experienced company known for watch repair in Englewood, CO, fixing this is extremely easy. The watch remains unopened, since it is simply passed through a demagnetizing machine and the issue is resolved just like that. Magnetism can also cause a watch to run slowly, but it runs faster in most cases.


2.  Tangled Coils

This usually happens when the movement experiences a smallish jolt. It is less commonplace when compared to magnetism, but it also causes the watch to run extremely fast. Yet again, the coils get entangled and rotation of the balance wheel shortens whereas beat rate increases as a result.

Once again, for a certified and trained company that specializes in watch repair in Englewood, CO, this is quite an easy issue to resolve. It hardly takes more than a few minutes to bring the watch to its original operating state.


3.  Poor Operability Overall

This issue is rarely observed in a new watch, but it is largely associated with a watch that is roughly 4-5 years old. When a watch starts to run sluggishly, regulation has no effect on it. It ceases to function when placed on your wrist and fails to maintain its power reserve, too. In such a case, the issue is deeper.

When this happens, the skills of a watchmaker will inevitably come in handy. Only he can diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

If your watch starts to act up, it is time to visit a legitimate service that is renowned for watch repair in Englewood, CO. Repairs of these sort are pricey, however.


4.  Temperature

The temperature of your environment does affect the accuracy of your prized possession significantly. Changes in temperature contracts and expands much of its internal machinery, altering its shape and dimension, in particular the hairspring and balance wheel. The modern watches’ designs can easily adjust with the changes and maintains a constant rate.

In such a case, it is advisable to get your watch looked over by an experienced and seasoned expert of watch repair in Englewood, CO, since on the surface, everything would look fine as before.


Issues Regarding Accuracy

All watch owners need to know this. A watch, which is brand new, needs a break-in period, which is at least a month or something. In this period, the wristwatch distributes the lubricants equally and finds its beat. However, after this period, when your watch is decidedly slower than usual, then you need to check it for accuracy.

It is a minor repair in comparison but a trained and expert professional of watch repair in Englewood, CO, will ensure that you do not have to face the same issue ever again.


The Need for Regulation

This procedure is necessary for a watch which either runs too slowly or too fast. In short, it needs to be consistent. When the beat rate is regulated, the watch starts working just fine. It is quite an easy and quick procedure since all a watchmaker does is turn a screw.

Using suitable time-measuring machinery, a certified and trained expert of watch repair in Englewood, CO, can complete the procedure in a matter of minutes. The procedure in itself is very commonplace for an experienced watchmaker.


The Need for Adjustment

Yet again, this procedure is for a wristwatch, which is too slow, too fast or does not have a constant pace of timekeeping. In this case, the balance wheel has to be adjusted slightly to accommodate different positions. The procedure is relatively a simple one, however, it takes a little bit of time to do it right since all the positions have to be monitored and then adjusted.

Any mechanical watch can experience this particular issue. This is why you need to have a specialist service for watch repair in Englewood, CO, which can expertly deal with this issue in quick time.


Water Damage

Yes, that old chestnut. The main issue with the conventional timepieces is that they are highly susceptible to water. A little amount of water can significantly damage its internal machinery and before you know it, the entire watch would have corroded in due time.

To prevent this from happening, you should always ensure that the crown of your timepiece is screwed back properly and you should have it water tested on a regular basis. Moreover, the more you avoid contact with water, the better. Many of the watch owners tend to swim or head out to the beach without taking off their watch. This proves disastrous as events unfold.

To guarantee the longevity of your watch, take it once every 6 months to a skilled professional of watch repair in Englewood, CO. Expending smaller costs will save you from bigger costs.



Now that we have completely covered the standard issues of a mechanical watch, you can easily keep them in mind and save your watch from not just extensive damage but also surging costs of repair.


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