Are Luxury Watches Really Worth It? | Tips from Your Denver, CO Watch Repair Service

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We’ve all seen celebrities and socialites flaunting gemstone-covered watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but most of us opt for something that costs a few hundred bucks to save some money. However, that’s not to say there aren’t benefits to investing in an expensive watch aside from the way they look. Thanks to their high-quality construction, we see a lot fewer expensive watches than cheaper models at our Denver, CO,watch repair shop. If you’re thinking about taking a step up and spending a couple thousand bucks on your next watch, here’s what you need to know about the differences.


One of the most important things to think about when it comes to investing in an expensive watch is that they’re a fairly sound investment. It might seem silly to spend $5,000 on a watch, but that same watch could be worth about the same price or even more in the future. Not only that, you aren’t as likely to have to shell out for watch repair.

As is the case with cars, vintage watches are a big deal if they’re taken care of properly. While some people simply like to shop for the newest watch on the market, watch connoisseurs will often look for a specific watch from a specific era. So much so that some vintage watches are actually worth more than they were originally, especially if there weren’t a lot made or your watch happens to be in pristine condition.

If you’re not convinced about the long-term value of luxury watches, ask a watch repair specialist. Any expert will tell you that watches are one of the more solid investments you can make.


Another great reason to invest in a luxury watch is the difference in craftsmanship. If you’re tired of constantly having to head to a Denver, CO, watch repair shop for a watch you only spent a couple hundred bucks on, you may be a lot happier with a nice watch.

While most people mistakenly believe that the difference in watch quality is mostly cosmetic, the different materials and techniques used in more expensive watches actually make them a lot more durable than others. Mechanical watches have a lot of different pieces moving at the same time to keep them working, so it truly is a thing of beauty when all those little pieces can work together perfectly.


While spending less money on watch repairs is an appealing part of buying an expensive watch, the fact of the matter is most people buy these watches for their looks. While a basic $200 watch can be made to look somewhat similar to a luxury watch, there’s no mistaking one for the other when you see them up close.

We already mentioned the quality craftsmanship that goes into making luxury watches, and that’s exactly why many of these watches look so great. If you ask a watch repair expert about their favorite brands, chances are they’re going to give you names of luxury manufacturers. This is because these manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort getting things exactly right.

Watch making is an art that’s been around for many decades, so luxury watch manufacturers take each little detail of their watches seriously. Whereas the watches you might spend a few hundred on at your local jewelry store are mass produced, there’s a lot more attention to detail and individuality that goes into making luxury watches.


There’s no use in having a watch if you have to have it fixed at a Denver, CO, watch repair shop every few months. Because of the way more expensive watches are made, you don’t have nearly as much to worry about when it comes to functionality.

The functionality of luxury watches begins with the way they’re made. While most watches use a cheap quart’s movement or some other means of keeping track of time, expensive watches use a combination of pieces to create a more intricate movement. As long as you keep your watch in good shape and wind it every once in a while, you’ll always have an accurate look at the date and time.

Another thing that ensures the functionality of luxury watches is the testing process they undergo. Most major luxury watch manufacturers like to make sure they aren’t sending out any bad watches, which is why brands like Rolex test all their watches before shipping them out to anybody.

The Verdict

If you’re still not sure whether or not you should invest in a luxury watch, it may not be the best idea for you. However, if all the features and benefits we’ve been talking about have you drooling, chances are purchasing a luxury watch is a solid decision.

The fact of the matter is, you’re always going to have to pay for watch repairs. While they might be a little less frequent when you have a luxury watch, they can also be a lot more expensive. If you buy a luxury watch, make sure you have a good watch repair shop in Denver, CO.

As far as expensive investments go, a luxury watch is never a bad idea. Not only can you sell most watches for about the same price you paid for them, you might be able to make a little profit if you hold onto your watch long enough.

Make the Call

Luxury watches aren’t for everybody, but there are a lot of benefits to investing in an expensive watch instead of an entry-level model. Even if you don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can still get a great luxury watch.

If you’re not sure whether or not you should invest in a luxury watch, talk to a watch repair expert at Matheu’s Fine Watches in Denver, CO. We can help you pick the right watch for your needs and keep it in great shape year after year. To find out more, call us at (303) 471-8463.