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Luxury watches can sell for a fair amount of money. As a result, there are a lot of scammers out there who exploit the reputation of luxury watch manufacturers for the purpose of selling fake watches. This problem is so common that people have brought their watches in for watch repair where they learn that their prized possession is just a fake. There is no such thing as a foolproof protection for this particular problem, but it is important to note that Parker, CO residents are not helpless to protect themselves.

How Can You Tell that a Watch Is Fake or Not?

Here are some things that Parker, CO residents can do to protect themselves without having to contact a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services:

Check the Serial Number

There are a lot of scammers whose strategy can be summed up as a reliance on overwhelming numbers. Essentially, this means that they aren’t too concerned about making a particular scam attempt look real. Instead, they make as many scams attempt as possible because they can succeed so long as they happen upon someone somewhere in a moment of vulnerability. For consumers, this is good because it means that a lot of fake watches have very noticeable flaws to them.

For instance, searching for the serial number on the watch is one of the simplest but nonetheless most useful methods for determining whether it is real or not. This is because a lot of scammers will go for serial numbers that look real but are not. However, even if they have chosen to use nothing but real serial numbers, it is possible that the information associated with that serial number such as the purchase of date and the country in which the purchase occurred will not match up with the information associated with the watch in question.

Check the Metal

The material of the watch can provide interested individuals with a lot of useful information even without visiting a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services in Parker, CO. However, it is important to note that certain kinds of material provide more insight than others.

For example, there is very little point to checking the stainless steel used to make a watch. Granted, it might be possible to distinguish one kind of stainless steel from another kind of stainless steel. However, that tends to take too much time, effort, and other resources in exchange for too little insight. Instead, it is a much better idea to look at the gold as well as the other precious materials that so often ornament luxury watches because they are bound to be fake on a fake watch.

In any case, interested individuals have access to a wide range of options even without access to a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services. However, they should limit themselves to the non-destructive options so as to protect their watch’s value should it turn out to be real. One example would be using a magnet to check if the material is magnetic or not. Gold isn’t magnetic, but it is common to see fake gold made out of a magnetic material beneath the surface of things. Another example would be comparing the weight of what the watch should be with the weight of what the watch actually is because gold is so notorious for being heavy. With that said, if interested individuals want to be absolutely sure that the gold is actually gold, they should take their watch to a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services for thorough testing.

Out-of-Place Components and Indications

It is very common for fake watches to have components that aren’t what they should be. For instance, there are some cases in which quartz watches have been passed off as mechanical watches, which is a clear sign that something is wrong. However, most people won’t be able to tell the difference offhand without consulting a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services, meaning that they will have to look out for other warning signs.

One excellent example would be pointless components. Granted, this isn’t a perfect method because there are plenty of real watches that have pointless bits and pieces on them for the sake of ornamentation. However, if a watch has knobs and other components that don’t actually seem to do anything, that is definitely cause for concern. Another excellent example would be indicators that are pointless. This is particularly true if those indicators are written in a manner that suggest that the writer had no more than a passing acquaintance with diligence because luxury watch manufacturers aren’t supposed to make such simple mistakes.

The Price Is Too Good to Be True

One of the best ways to tell that a watch isn’t real without having to check in with a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services is when the price isn’t what it should be. Simply put, if a price seems too good to be true, chances are very good that it is. In Parker, CO as in any other place, people get what they pay for, which is why they should be suspicious for anything that doesn’t seem to be priced right.

Having said that, it is possible that interested individuals really have managed to come upon a bargain that come once in a decade or more. If they insist on maintaining a sense of hope for that kind of thing, they should still have their guard come up whenever they come upon such opportunities. After all, there is no harm for them to check in with a professional provider of watch repair and other watch-related services because they can always buy it should their suspicion prove to be unfounded.

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