Comprehensive Guide to Finding Watch Repair in Highlands Ranch, CO

Restoring a vintage watch to its original condition is an important decision which its owner eventually has to make in order to preserve the timepiece. The internet has many cautionary tales about expensive timepieces completely ruined by independent watch repairing services, and at times, by the brands too. The owner of a vintage watch is often confused between these options:

  • Changing its hands
  • Replacing the crystal
  • Refinishing the case
  • Replacing the broken or damaged parts

First and foremost, it is imperative to be educated on the subject, which could allay most of doubts that you might have in your head. After being well-versed on the subject, you can now go about looking for a watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO.


1.  Refinishing the Case

Let’s get this out of the way first since it is the most controversial. It is a widely held consensus that polishing a vintage timepiece devalues it. This is sound advice for a select variety of vintage watches, but may not hold true for others in the category. Collectors of vintage watches prefer original and unpolished watches which gives you all the more reason to keep them in their original condition.

More to the point, you need to keep in mind that there are differing degrees of refinishing. Certain watchmakers might be mildly good at it while others may be rough around the edges.

Do remember that an expert watchmaker may not necessarily be also masterful at refinishing. This is why you should look for an expert of watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO.


2.  The Watch Crystal

Experts claim that original crystals should be left untouched, as replacing it devalues the price of the timepiece. If the crystal is original and working to perfection, retaining it would be a wise decision. But do keep in mind that crystal is the first line of defense and if it is damaged, it needs to be replaced without further ado.

The damaged crystal should always be replaced with an original piece as it is necessary to protect the other valuable components of a watch, including movement, hands and dial. A damaged or cracked crystal allows dirt and moisture to enter, which may cause irreparable damage to your precious timepiece. In such a case, the value of your vintage timepiece declines.


This is why when you visit a watch repair in Highland Ranch, CO, you should always insist on using the original crystal as it ensures longevity and original values of the watch as opposed to low-end aftermarket components that can cause more damage than good.


3.  Choose Waterproof Gaskets

Gaskets are also integral to protection of the watch. Gaskets needs to be changed whenever a vintage watch is restored as they tend to flatten and crack. A gasket should always be replaced, regardless of whether if it is compromised or not. Previously, manufacturers used lead gaskets in watches, but now a rubber gasket is just as protective of the inner watch.

When you head out to replace your gasket from a watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, insist on using a rubber gasket for a longer protection.


4.  Dial and Hands

To keep the vintage timepiece from devaluation, refinishing, hands and dials should be considered very carefully. These are areas of no compromise. Original hands and dials are always collectors’ top priority.

Thus, when you think about replacing your dial and hands from a watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, think twice before doing so.


5.  The Watchmaker

Selecting a competent and experienced watchmaker is the most important piece of the puzzle. Whether you decide on choosing the independent repairer or the manufacturer is less important, your focus needs to be more who understands the restoration process better? It is your unwritten responsibility to first ask qualifying questions to ensure that you agree with their restoration methods and then you may further proceed.

Never allow yourself to be pressurized into something that you don’t want to do. Be sure yourself and then take an informed decision.

Due to this reason, when you are looking for a professional watch repair in Highlands, CO, you and the watch repairing service should be on the same page on how to go about it.


6.  Movement Parts

The worn-out internal machinery of a watch should always be replaced. It guarantees that the watch performs to perfection. The inner machinery is replaceable, changing its original parts for original parts ultimately plays no part in decreasing the value of the watch. In reality, it actually can cause more damage to your watch.

Changing out for original, factory produced parts or having components manufactured by hand if these are no longer available has no bearing on the value of the watch. If worn components are left to decay then further damage is likely.

When looking for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, always ensure that the service has original watch parts which guarantees the wellbeing of other internal components.


7.  Replacing the Bezel

Replacing the bezel of a vintage timepiece can greatly reduce its value. The vintage watch collectors prefer original bezels. Replacement bezels are a big no-no for them. The bezel, hands and dial should be always be original as far as vintage watches are concerned. In their absence, a watch is worthless to a collector.

Think long and hard before you decide to get your bezel replaced by a watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO.


Word of Caution

While you look for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, make sure they are certified and have in-house repairing and servicing professionals. This will be beneficial in the long run. In addition to this, also look for a local service for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, as opposed to high-end and manufacturer’s repairing services.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Restoring a vintage watch could be confusing and stressful, but it is also just as easy when these abovementioned points are kept in mind. Your search for a watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, will be a sure-fire success.


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