Different Types of Professional Watch Repair Services | Breckenridge, CO

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Most watch owners rarely part with their watches because they are a daily-worn accessory. Therefore, they’re exposed to dust, moisture, and other materials that result in the wear and tear of the watch’s band.

The upper part of the watch called the crystal is either made up of plastic or glass, which makes it vulnerable to breakage in case the watch falls off and hits the ground or a hard object. A damaged watch crystal, among other damages, gives your watch an ugly look and interferes with its performance.

Here are some of the most common watch repair services you’re likely to encounter:

1.  Band Repair, Replacement, or Resizing

Watchbands are made of different materials like leather, silicone, metal, rubber, and nylon. The materials are all vulnerable to wear and tear, hence the need for their replacement after some time. Once a metallic band is damaged, instead of making a replacement, it can be repaired. Repairing or replacing the band gives your watch a new, refreshing look.

Watchband repair involves the replacement of the band’s pin, clasps, and the link breakage. The replacement enables the watch to fit your hand; that is, it’s neither too tight nor too loose. In case you want your watch band repaired, replaced, or resized, contact professional watch repair experts in Breckenridge, CO.

2.  Crystal Replacement

Watch crystals are either made of glass or plastic, which get damaged in case of accidental impact. The cracks and scratches resulting from repetitive scraping should be quickly fixed to prevent further destruction of the watch, which can occur when moisture and debris penetrate the timepiece.

Crystal replacement is done using two primary tools: the crystal remover and an inserter. The cost of watch crystal replacement varies depending on the type and shape of the crystal. For most watches, the crystals are readily available. However, there are those with odd-looking shapes whose specific crystal can only be made on order.

3.  Gasket Watch Repair

Watch gaskets are specifically meant to protect your wristwatch from materials that can cause interior damage. The materials include dirt, dust, water, oils, and perfumes, among other destructive residues.

In a watch, there are several gaskets like crystal gaskets, back gaskets, crown, and bezel gaskets. By offering that kind of protection to your watch, then its life span increases. With time the gaskets also get damaged and require replacement. In case the gaskets fail, you can seek watch repair services from experts in Breckenridge, CO.

4.  Stem and Crown Repair and Replacement

Stem and crown are two different parts that are attached to make it possible to set a wristwatch. In most timepieces, the stem and the crown can easily break in case of an impact or pressure against them.

It’s not only impossible to set a watch with a damaged stem and crown, but this damage also leaves it exposed to the risk of water destruction. If the problem is left unfixed for a while, air penetrates and caused rusting to the watch’s interior parts. To avoid all the damages arising from a spoilt stem and crown, always ensure they’re repaired if faulty.

Never force the opening and closing of the stem and crown, ensure the stem and crown remains closed if not in use, avoid application of excessive pressure while setting the watch, and learn how to use them correctly to prevent harm.

5.  Battery Replacement

This form of watch repair involves the removal of older and vanquished battery and replacing it with a new one. When you turn the watch on the backside, there is a small visible groove opening where you can insert a small flat screwdriver and open the back. Using your hands, get rid of the plastic ring, then the old battery, and enter a new one. Return the white ring followed by the lid, which you should press using your fingers until a snap sound is heard.

6.  Watch Link Removal and Addition

The watch repair procedure involves either removal or addition of links to respectively shorten or lengthen the watch bracelet. Before you begin the repair procedure, measure the number of links you need to either add or remove to resize the band. On each side of the watch clasp, remove or add an equal number of links to maintain the clasp at a central position.

First, check for the indicator arrows drawn at the back of the strap, indicating the direction where the link pin is pushed out. Using a pin pusher, remove the target pins to create a gap. You can then choose whether to add a link or get rid of it entirely depending on what size of band you want.

7.  Water-Resistance Testing

A watch being water-resistant means that it can get in contact with water up to a certain level. A watch’s water resistance capacity depends on the gaskets, crown, and case. As the mentioned parts age and wear out, the watch’s water resistance also decreases, explaining the reason why water resistance testing should be done often. If you need to carry out a water resistance test/pressure test, contact a horologist in Breckenridge, CO.

8.  Watch Repair Movement Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of a mechanical device includes the removal of all the contaminants, including oil residues and small debris. Movement cleaning is significant as it helps in boosting a watch’s performance, enhance its looks, lengthen its lifespan, and preserve its original color.

This type of professional watch repair is done using an ultrasonic cleaning bath, or a machine specifically meant for watch cleaning. Other watchmakers consider the use of such devices expensive and prefer using cleaning solvents. However, using cleaning solvents limits the cleaning of various components of the movement, such as the balance assembly and the pallet fork. Remember that you should only try to clean a movement whose parts have fully been dismantled.

For you to keep your wristwatch appealing throughout, and also increase its life span, the above watch repair approaches should be put into consideration when the need arises. For all of you watch repair needs contact Matheus Fine Watches!