Does Your Watch Need Maintenance? | Tips from Your Trusted Aurora, CO Watch Repair Service Provider

Photo By Victoria Chudinova at Shutterstock

A decent watch is a significant investment. If you have recently purchased a classy watch, it’s crucial that you know how to maintain it properly for it to last long.

As part of your daily accessories, your watch is likely to come into contact with several stressors that may dent its life span. Stressors like moisture from your hand, scratches, and magnetization could cause problems that would shorten the life of your watch.

In between your daily activities, you may notice differences in the functioning of your watch that are easy to overlook. These infractions should be a quick indicator that your watch needs servicing:

Moisture Inside the Watch Case

Humidity is one of the significant causes of watch damages as it may build up rust in the hand movements. If you notice any form of condensation underneath the glass, you need to visit a professional watch repair shop for servicing immediately.

Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause irreparable damage. Before you see a professional, you can opt to wear your watch at night as your body temperature will keep the moisture away from the delicate parts. Avoid putting your watch in a bag of rice or using a blow dryer to salvage the case as some people suggest.

The presence of moisture points outs various faults. For instance, it could be that the gaskets are worn out, or if the watch has been to service recently, it was not well resealed, and that’s why you need a watch repair technician in Aurora, CO, to handle it. The faster you get to the watch shop, the easier it will be for the technician to dry out the movement and prevent further damage.

A Rattle Noise Inside the Case

Most watches are worn on a day to day basis wear; hence they take a great deal of the harsh conditions out here. If you notice any section of your watch making a weird noise, you should take it into a watch repair center for examination.

There are more than a hundred moving parts in a tiny chronometer. Sometimes, as you are walking, it can be scrapped or hit. Your watch may even survive a hard fall and seem okay while it isn’t. You must pay attention to anything that feels a little off. The smallest movement at a wrong angle may unwind a screw or make a wheel loose. To be safe, watch repair shops in Aurora, CO, should be your best option.

Over time, as you wear your watch, the crown may either become stiff or loose, which makes it hard to make a date and time settings. A rigid or loose crown means that the stem watch is stuck, or it has experienced a snap. A professional watch repair shop should be your most appropriate destination in this case.

Inaccurate Time

According to the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, the margin of error of a watch should not exceed 4 seconds slow or 6 seconds fast. But luxury watches, such as Rolex, have a thinner margin of 2 seconds.

If your watch starts to be inaccurate, it could be due to several things, such as the lubrication of your watch drying up. Just like other mechanical devices, your watch requires regular oiling to maintain its movements. These inaccuracies may be due to dryness.

Also, the chances are that your watch may have come into contact with a magnet. The magnetization may be from a real magnet or electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.

Similar cases of inaccuracies have also been seen to originate from broken pieces in the timepiece, often caused by significant impact. Sometimes, the watch has just become worn out over time.

Watches are tiny machines that could have several things going wrong simultaneously without being noticed. In any case, it’s better that you involve a professional watch repair technician, to reduce the chances of you losing your investment.

The ‘Second’ Hand Skips Several Seconds

It’s usual for a second hand on a quartz watch to suddenly start skipping seconds. This sort of jumpy movement is an indicator that the battery life of your watch is coming to an end.

Most watches will detect when the battery voltage drops, signifying that it soon needs a replacement. Paying attention to these indicators may save you a lot of loss. For instance, replacing your battery will only cost you a small amount of money.

On the other hand, if you choose to overlook the indicator, you might have your battery leaking acid. It’s evident that in this situation, you will spend a lot more than if you just replaced the battery in the first instance.

Also, a stooped watch is an inconvenience. Always try to get ahead of such situations by making a regular visit to watch repair shops in Aurora, CO, for servicing.

Planning a Vacation?

A difference in the environment can also be harmful to your watch. While you stop by the security checks in the airport, your watch may attract magnetization from the scanners.

When you’re out there enjoying your vacation, your watch may come into contact with chlorine from pools, and this may be a source of trouble for your timepiece. Warmer climates may even be less friendly to your watch. High temperatures result in a snug bracelet.

Some of these precautions are minor and won’t cost you much. But, if you choose to overlook them, they will cost you plenty of time and money. Visiting a watch repair shop in Aurora, CO, for regular servicing can prevent you from losing your investment.

Always Take Precautions

Just like any other device, maintenance is a two-way lane. If you ensure that you make an appointment with Matheus Fine Watches, a professional watch repair store, regularly, your watch won’t embarrass you by suddenly stopping or giving the wrong time. A watch needs care as much as you do. Life is much easier that way! Watches assist in keeping your day to day activities running smoothly, and you should be dutiful to them as well.