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Aurora, CO residents who own a valuable watch should remember that it isn’t immune to the gradual build-up of wear and tear. As a result, if they treat it well, they can expect it to last for decades and decades to come. In contrast, if they treat it poorly, chances are good that they are going to have to pay a visit to a watch repair specialist much sooner than what they would like under ideal circumstances. Fortunately, Aurora, CO residents can do a great deal on their own to keep their watch in a good condition, though there are still things that are best entrusted to watch repair specialists as well as other watch-related professionals.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Aurora, CO residents seeking to keep a valuable watch in good condition:

Know Whether Your Watch Has a Quartz Movement or a Mechanical Movement

For starters, it is important to know whether the watch has a quartz movement or a mechanical movement. Generally speaking, quartz movements need very little maintenance. However, their internals are very delicate, meaning that even a small bit of carelessness on the part of interested individuals can result in a visit to the watch repair specialist. In contrast, a mechanical movement is sturdier, but its internals need a cleaning as well as an oiling every few years to make sure that it can continue telling the right time. Since this process requires interested individuals to dissemble the mechanical movement, it is still best to entrust it to either a watch repair specialist or some other watch-related professional.

Set the Time at the Right Time in the Right Way

It is interesting to note that it is best to set the time in the right way. Basically, interested individuals should set the time by turning the hands clockwise rather than counter-clockwise because there are some watches that can get damaged that way, meaning that it is better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, if interested individuals want to change the date, it might be best to do so during the day rather than during the night because doing so when the date wheel is about to change can be problematic in some watches. Having said that, interested individuals might want to consult sources of expertise and experience about their exact watch to see if these as well as similar actions can increase their chances of having to visit a watch repair specialist.

You Should Minimize the Chances of Your Watch Being Bumped, Scratched, and Otherwise Damaged

A watch can sustain a surprising amount of damage by being bumped, scratched, and otherwise making unwanted contact with hard materials. Each such incident might not be particularly meaningful, but their problem is that they will add up over time. This means that people should be careful of what they are bringing their watch into contact with when they are wearing them. Furthermore, this means that people should be careful about where they are putting their watch when they are not wearing them. Under ideal circumstances, they can put the watch in the box that it came with. However, if they don’t have said box, they should remember to not put their watch on its crystal.

You Should Be Wearing Your Watch

There are some people who might be tempted to just put their watch somewhere safe and secure so that it can never come into contact with anything that can pose a problem, thus sparing them the need to ever seek out a watch repair specialist. However, they should know that this won’t work. For watches with mechanical movements, this because those movements are reliant on the motion of being worn to keep their lubricant working in the right manner. As such, not being worn can cause their lubricant to not just dry up but also move from where it should be, thus increasing the potential for all sorts of horrible complications. Meanwhile, the issue with quartz movements is that their batteries can corrode before starting to leak with sufficient passage of time. Unsurprisingly, the contents of batteries won’t do wonders for the delicate internals of quartz movements, meaning that interested individuals will be lucky if a watch repair specialist can take care of the resulting problem. To prevent this, it is as simple as changing out the batteries from time to time, which will be much easier when people keep the watch in their thoughts because they are actually wearing it.

You Should Be Cleaning Your Watch

Cleaning a watch is one of the fundamentals for keeping it in a good condition. Generally speaking, if a watch has come into contact with something that could cause damage, it should be enough to wipe it off with a moistened cloth before letting it dry in a well-ventilated space. Be warned that a wiped watch should never be permitted to dry in an enclosed space because it will not get the chance to dry properly. Besides this, it should be mentioned that a watch should never sit in direct sunlight for the simple reason that UV radiation can wreak havoc with a wide range of substances besides living tissues, which can’t be fixed so easily even by a watch repair specialist.

Water-resistant Isn’t the Same as Waterproof

Interested individuals should never bring their watches into places and circumstances that the watches cannot withstand. For instance, extreme heat and cold can cause watches to expand and contract, which can let in moisture. Likewise, even if a watch is water-resistant, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is water-proof unless it was designed for divers. Never mind how watches can actually lose their water resistance over time.

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