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When you purchase a luxury watch, you’re making an investment. Luxury watches can often go up in value as time passes. However, for the watch to ever be worth more than you paid for it, it needs to be in stellar condition. Part of taking care of your luxury watch is being able to identify when the watch needs repairs. And, you should always take your watch to repair shops that have the technical skills to work on a luxury item. For example, if you own a TAG Heuer watch, you’ll want to go to a store that specifically offers TAG Heuer watch repair.

Keep reading for a full list of signs that your watch might need repairs.

Your Watch Has Completely Stopped

If your watch isn’t working at all, don’t give up on it. If your car broke down, you would take it to a mechanic, not just immediately trade it in. The same thing applies to luxury watches. You paid thousands of dollars for your watch, and it should be looked after. A watch that has stopped either needs a new battery or a service. Try replacing the battery, and if the problem persists, seek professional help.

If you have a TAG Heuer watch, look for a vendor that specializes in TAG Heuer watch repair. This means they will understand the Swiss technology of the TAG Heuer watch and can have a higher chance of fixing the problem.

The Second-Hand Jumps in Five-Second Intervals

Some watch models have the functionality to warn the user when the battery is running on low. Typically, if the second hand on the watch is jumping in five-second intervals, it’s a warning the battery needs to be replaced. When a watch is doing this, never leave it to run on a low battery. The battery completely running out in a quartz watch can sometimes create a leak that can cause significant damage to the device.

When you visit a watch repair shop that specializes in the brand you own, there’s a better chance of the problem being adequately resolved. If you go to a TAG Heuer watch certified vendor for TAG Heuer watch repair, they will know all the ins and outs, such as if your model does have the five-second interval functionality.

Presence of Moisture Under the Glass

The presence of moisture or condensation inside the crystal (or on the dial) is a sign of a bigger problem. A luxury watch can have over 400 tiny parts. The smallest amount of moisture can drastically impact and degrade one of these small parts. Saltwater is especially damaging to watches. Water can corrode the parts inside your watch and dry out the lubrication of the gears in just a few hours. If corrosion has already occurred, the repairs will likely be expensive and complicated.

If you see water on your watch, the first step is to place the watch on a lamp or broiler to heat it and soak up some of that condensation. Next, book an appointment with a watch repair retailer as quickly as possible. For anyone with a TAG Heuer watch, Matheu’s Fine Watches specializes in TAG Heuer watch repair.

Difficulty Changing the Time

While watches make excellent fashion pieces, hopefully, you also use your watch to tell the time. If you’re having trouble adjusting the time or date on your watch with your crown, it needs servicing. The crown on the watch connects to a stem inside, which allows the wearer to change the time and date displayed. Over time, the crown can become quite stiff or loose, making it difficult to make changes. Take your watch in for repair to resolve the problem. Sometimes, it’s as simple as needing a crown or stem replacement. However, if the stem has detached from the crown, it will require more extensive repairs.

Not all watches have the same stem and crown designs. By choosing a verified TAG Heuer watch repair vendor, you can rest assured your watch will be fixed quickly and adequately.

Watch Displaying Wrong Time

The design of a Quartz luxury watch focuses on showing accurate and close to perfect timing. As the years with your watch pass, and it becomes a more and more vintage item, the mechanics may slow down. This is common in older luxury watches, but the time displayed still shouldn’t be drastically off. If you’re noticing a significant discrepancy, the watch needs repairs for the interior movements. Ignoring this problem could result in the problem magnifying as time passes. A TAG Heuer watch should always display the correct time thanks to the advanced technology for the TAG Heuer watch movements. TAG Heuer recommends on their website, if your watch shows the incorrect time, to take it to an experienced TAG Heuer watch repair vendor for movement repairs.

You Hear a Rattling Inside the Watch

If you hear a rattling inside your watch, it’s likely that one of those 400 pieces inside the watch has come loose. Take the watch into a TAG Heuer watch repair vendor for inspection. Depending on what came loose, this could be a quick fix or a complicated problem. Make sure to go to the repair store as soon as possible, before the free piece knocks out other parts.

You’re Going on Vacation

A general rule of thumb is to take your watch in for regular maintenance before a trip. When you’re traveling, your watch is exposed to new elements it usually doesn’t face. For example, water, salt, or chlorine at the pool or beach, a warmer climate making your bracelet snug, or magnetization from airport security scanners. Stop by a TAG Heuer watch repair to ensure your watch is in excellent shape before you leave on your holiday. It could also be helpful to look up a TAG Heuer watch repair store around where you’re traveling to, in the case that something happens to your watch while on holiday.

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