5 Signs Your Watch Needs Servicing or Repair | Englewood, CO

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Many fine watches are made to last a lifetime, and some even longer. Generations ago, watches were built to last several lifetimes and were not only valuable heirlooms but were purposely passed from generation to generation. Given the high cost of fine watches, it is important to schedule regular service and repair in Englewood, CO.

If you are willing to invest in a watch, then you need to be willing to invest in regular cleanings and occasional watch repair. Even if you get your watch serviced regularly it is still subject to everyday environmental exposures that could prompt the need for watch repair.

While it may seem that your watch is lying dormant on your wrist most days, it is actively exposed to many stresses such as dings, contact with moisture from rain or snow, and magnetization. Over time, these little stressors can add up until suddenly you find yourself in need of watch repair. The longer you wait the higher the costs, and the higher the chance that the repair is going to fall outside of your protection plan or the watch’s manufacturer’s warranty plan.

Unsure if your watch needs to be repaired in Englewood, CO? There are some common signs that you should never ignore. Here are just a few of the things that should prompt you to immediately call and book with a watch repair agent.

Your Watch Is No Longer Working

If everything on your watch has come to a complete stop then one of two things has happened: your battery has died or there is a movement fault. Quartz movements are very complex and inside of your watch body is a very intricate set of gears and metal. Dozens of tiny pieces have to work together to run your watch, all it takes is one small malfunction to throw off the entire assembly.

A professional watch repair company should be able to take a look at your watch and determine the issue. If it is just the battery it is a simple fix, but one that should still be performed by a professional. While it may be tempting to take your watch to a cheap mall shop for a new battery, these people are not professionally trained watch experts. Remember those small intricate parts? You don’t want any of them to get knocked out of alignment by an untrained eye and hand.

Given the high cost of your watch, it is worth it to pay a little extra to have a professional safely replace the battery. At that time, if the watch does not start, you know it’s not the battery and the same professional will be able to carefully examine and diagnose the problem.

It Looks Like There is Moisture Under the Glass 

The only thing that should ever be under the glass of your watch is the time. If you notice any amount of moisture under your watch’s glass face you immediately need to take it to a watch repair company in Englewood, CO. Any amount of moisture and especially chemicals can cause the watch components to rust inside. Rust is a very complex issue to deal with even for expert watch repair agents, so you always want to get ahead of the problem.

Moisture under the glass can indicate your watch seals are not working correctly. Either your watch was not sealed correctly the last time work was done, or the seals have worn out. Let a professional diagnose the problem and fix it for you. Fixing the seals is a much easier task than dealing with rust.

Skipping Second Hand

Some watches are made to notify you when the battery is starting to die. This signal tends to be the second hand jumping by five seconds. Not only is this annoying, but it may be a sign that your battery needs to be changed. You do not want to ignore the signal because a battery that is completely drained can cause issues with the watch movement.

This signal was installed by the watch manufacturer to help you protect your watch. Once a battery is completely depleted it can start to leak which can ruin the movement. A leaking battery can destroy your watch to the point where a watch repair is no longer an option. Other common signs that your watch battery is almost depleted include a digital display that no longer works or a watch alarm that doesn’t function.

Your Watch No Longer Keeps Time

A watch that no longer keeps time is worthless, but in most cases, it can be repaired. Quartz watches are known for their extremely accurate movements, so if you are losing a couple of minutes every day this is a sign that something is wrong. Gaining or losing time is an indication that the movement needs closely examined. The longer you allow the movement to run inaccurately the more damaged it will likely become until your watch stops altogether. Once again, the sooner you get your watch into a repair agent in Englewood, CO the better the outcome in most cases.

Trouble Adjusting the Time or Date

Your watch crown is connected to a stem inside the watch movement which is how you make small adjustments to the date or time as necessary. Likely you only need to do this when certain occasions such as Daylight Savings occur, but if you notice for any reason that the crown is becoming too loose or too stiff this is a sign that watch repair may be necessary.

The stems and crowns can be replaced if they are malfunctioning, but this can also be a sign that the crown is detached. If the crown and the stem become detached the stem can slip into the movement potentially causing large problems.

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