Looking for an Expert of Watch Repair in Castle Rock, CO!

Be it a family heirloom or a gift, watches carry unforgettable sentiments. As treasured items, we often have a tremendous sentimental attachment with them. But, the years are unforgiving on our prized possessions. Whether it is a drained out battery or seized buttons, the good news is that most of the issues of a digital watch are fixable.

So, without further ado, let’s examine the most commonly observed issues in digital watches:


1.  Unannounced Cessation of Operation

Nothing could be more dispiriting than to find that your precious timepiece has suddenly stopped working. But, rather than letting it gather dust inside a drawer, you can get it fixed. In most of the cases, a digital watch ceases to function when its battery has been used up. The normal lifespan of a battery is 3 to 4 years, after which it requires a replacement.

It is prudent to head over to a watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, since you can cause further damage to your watch by replacing the battery yourself. While you are at it, do make sure that your timepiece had been made water-resistant as well.


2.  Needless Skipping of the Second Hand

This is a commonly reported issue. At times, the second hand of the watch starts to skip several seconds ahead. This results in incorrect timekeeping and causes quite a bit of frustration. But it is mostly due to the battery nearing its end. All that you need to do is replace the battery and your watch will be back to normal.

Experts of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, will replace the battery at a marginal cost. But do remember to keep an arm’s length from inexperienced and nondescript watch servicers.


3.  Alarm Ceases to Function

Most of the watch owners use the alarm feature frequently. It can stop working for a few reasons. It could be caused due to the incorrect positioning of the contact spring. In other cases, it could be caused due to alarm contact plate or incorrect installation of the case. But, the good news is that it is fixable by all means.

In case your alarm ceases to function due to any of the above reasons, you should proceed with caution while looking for a watch repair in Castle Rock, CO. Select only experienced professionals since a botched repair can create grave consequences.


4.  Watch Buttons Failing to Function

Every digital watch has a push button that performs a number of different functions. With the passage of time, you do experience trouble in working with these buttons properly. This usually happens due to corrosion and dirt that builds up inside the watch.

Going to professional watch repairers can easily resolve this minor issue. More so, an annual cleaning can eliminate this issue entirely.

Before finalizing an expert of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, first gauge their experience. Ideally, you should look for a repairing service that has thorough experience in repairing digital watches.


5.  Early Battery Replacement

It is unwise to replace the battery of a digital watch before the manufacturer’s suggested guideline. Opening it up before time usually compromises the factory settings and if done unintentionally, a water-resistant maintenance needs to be undertaken.

In other case, if the watch is left unused for a long period of time, its battery is still consumed all through that time and it is advisable to replace it before it dries out completely.

In both cases, you should get your battery replaced by an expert of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, and avoid self-tampering with your watch in the future.


6.  Watch Doesn’t Work on Wrist

A very common issue observed in digital watches is that they operate fine when they are not on the wrist. When worn, they suddenly cease to operate. The issue lies at the heart of the circuitry.

Temperature rises when the watch is placed on the wrist, which causes the electric circuitry to malfunction. More so, it is unwise to ‘wait it out’ as its condition can deteriorate further.

With the help of a reputable watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, you can get your damaged circuitry replaced in a jiffy. It is an inexpensive repair and any repairing service overcharging this is a big no-no.


7.  1-year Battery Lifespan

This is commonly reported by the wearers of a digital watch. However, it is caused due to unawareness. When the chronograph function is used often or left running continuously, it eventually shortens the battery lifespan. Extra battery power is required to operate the additional functions of a watch apart from timekeeping. In worst case, the stopwatch feature may cease to function entirely, which is why it is necessary to immediately stop the chronograph function when it is used.

In case your battery runs out of juice in less than a year, you should head over to any noteworthy professional of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, for a quick battery replacement and be more careful about battery usage after that.


8.  Blank Screen

This is pretty bad news for owners of a digital watch. The digital display in watches is created using a conductive fluid which is sandwiched between two layers of glass. In case the screen of the watch has gone blank completely, it is a clear indication that the glass has been contaminated or cracked. Although fixable, it is still a costly repair and purchasing a new watch in its stead is a more prudent route to take.

If your expert of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, advises you to purchase a new watch, it indirectly means that the repair costs will equal to purchasing a new watch.



For undertaking any repairs of your precious digital watch, all you need to do is follow our lead and you will be completely covered. It is advised that you select one specialist for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, who can provide you with a one-window solution. This will help you in the long run, as you can rely on their service quality for years to come.


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