Watch Repair in Denver, CO / Looking for a Digital Watch Repairing Expert?

Compared to a mechanical timepiece, the repairing needs of a digital watch are quite different. It also requires care in certain areas to prevent undergoing needless costly repairs.

Therefore, prior to looking for a professional service of watch repair, you need to be well-informed about the functioning of a digital watch and the parts which over time might require repair:


1.  Replacing the Battery

Most of the modern quartz watches have an end-of-life (EOL) feature and it is inadvisable to replace the battery unless it becomes necessary. When the case of the watch is opened, it compromises the factory settings, which results in conducting a water-resistant maintenance in advance. The well-known aphorism, if it is not broken, don’t fix it, is totally true in this case.

Replacing a battery of a digital watch hardly takes any time, which is why you should opt for a watch repair in Denver, CO, that can hand over the watch to you immediately.


2.  Alarms Ceases to Function

There could any many factors due to which this can occur. In most common cases, the alarm contact spring is not positioned correctly. In other cases, the casing is installed incorrectly or the alarm contact plate is causing a problem. Either ways, it is an easy repair.

Just like the battery replacement, any professional watch repair in Denver, CO, will complete this repair in a matter of minutes.


3.  Blackened Display

This is common knowledge. For the uninitiated, when a digital watch endures a severe shock; a detrimental hit or a drop, it damages a thin glass layer which contains conductive liquid, to be completely cracked/contaminated. Due to this reason, air tampers with the conductive liquid. This kind of repair can cost a pretty penny and it is better to purchase a new digital watch.

This repair is very costly, so before you proceed to undertake this repair, ask for an expert opinion from the watch repair in Denver, CO, to guide you on the best course of action in this case.


4.  Digital Displays Shows Incomplete Numbers

In this case, the contacts that are connected with digital circuitry of the watch could be damaged or its contact points could be eroded. This hinders the required sections from receiving electricity to light up the display segment. In inexpensive digital watches, this repair can cost as much as a new wristwatch. The repair process in this case could be tentative as some repairing services could send it over to a service centre and others could manage an in-house repair.

When you go about looking for an experts of watch repair in Denver, CO, make sure that they have sound expertise of your particular brand of watch. In any case otherwise, look for repairing specialists of your brand’s watch.


5.  Jamming of Push Button

The push buttons of a watch have a stem that is connected to their base which normally moves in and out of the tube when it is depressed. A tiny spring attached pushes this stem back when a button on the watch is released. With the passage of time, corrosion and dirt can accumulate within this tube which results in immovability of the spring and the button gets jammed in the process. This spring needs to be replaced.

For this kind of reparation, it is highly important to look for an expert of watch repair in Denver, CO, who is equipped with professional expertise and years of experience. In any case otherwise, mishandling or unintentional damage can add up the repairing costs.


6.  Cessation of Functioning

First check whether the battery needs a replacement or not. In most cases, a watch battery can last for 2 years, but quartz watches can last for up to more than 3 years. This is why you should be well-aware of the lifespan of your particular watches battery.

In case your watch ceases to function entirely, simply get your battery changed from an expert of watch repair in Denver, CO, and you are good to go again.


7.  Skipping Several Seconds

It is the end-of-life (EOL) feature kicking in. When the battery voltage is nearing its end, these watches have electronic circuits that move several seconds forward to alert its user that a battery replacement needs to be done. Replacing the battery will result in normal functioning.

An experienced and renowned service of watch repair in Denver, CO, will replace the battery in a matter of seconds.


8.  Erratic Functioning

A common issue that is often reported is that the second hand moves back and forth, but the watch fails to function. This is more commonly due to an internal malfunction. It could be that the mechanical portion is jammed, whereas electronic portion is functioning properly. It can be fixed easily with complete maintenance.

When you go about looking for an expert of watch repair in Denver, CO, it is important that you first ensure that they have prior experience with your brand of watch. This is a delicate matter and should be approached with caution on your part.


9.  Operating Issues

It is a common reported issue that when an electronic watch is put on, it suddenly ceases to function. But when it is placed elsewhere, it continues to work just fine. The simple laws of physics apply here. Metal tends to expand when temperature increases and the contact points fail to connect properly. But at room temperature, they may begin to function as per usual. When worn, the body temperature could disrupt the circuit connections.

Thus, when you arrive at an outlet of a watch repair in Denver, CO, be sure to demand a complete maintenance of the watch. This will result in a thorough check-up of the watch which will prevent any further functioning issues.



Now that we have covered the repairs that are commonplace in a digital watch, the next time your watch experiences a certain malfunction, you will be aware of its root cause.


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