Maintaining Your Watch with Watch Repair | Littleton, CO

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Americans are estimated to spend over $5 billion on watches every year. A lot of those watches are fine watches with intricate gears and designs. If you own one of these watches, you likely don’t want to spend any more than you have to if something goes wrong, however, watch repair will still cost you much less than replacing your watch.

A watch is an investment, and if you treat it correctly like you would any other major investment, it can last you a lifetime. In fact, generations ago, people used to buy a timepiece with the intent of passing it on for generations. The following are a few common watch problems that can be solved with the help of a good watch repair shop.

Watch Doesn’t Work Properly on Your Wrist

If you own a wristwatch that seems unable to keep time properly when it is on your wrist you are likely quite frustrated. As odd as it sounds, this is actually a common problem. If your watch works fine when it is lying flat on the dresser or in your pocket there is likely an issue with the electric circuitry inside of your watch.

In most cases, the body warmth from your wrist is what is causing circuitry to malfunction. It is not a good idea to ignore this issue because the longer you wait the more damage you may be doing to your watch. A skilled repair expert in Littleton, CO should be able to take a close look at the circuitry and replace any damaged areas.

Your Watch Stops Working Out of the Blue 

If your watch completely stops working one day without any other signs of a problem, you likely don’t need major watch repair services. What you will need is a new battery. Most batteries last about two years, although some newer quartz watches are able to make it to the four-year mark. It is usually better to allow a repair technician to change your battery so you don’t have to worry about causing any damage in the process.

Problems with the Battery of a Chronograph 

Chronograph watches are luxury items that most people wear with pride. Given the high price tag, this type of watch is an indulgence that many people work hard to afford. Some chronograph wearers however notice that watch batteries are lasting less than a year which can be very frustrating. There are a few things you can do on your own to help lengthen the lifespan of the battery. For instance, you can turn off the chronograph when you are not wearing it so the battery does drain while you are not wearing it.

Second Hand Skips

Watching you second hand skip seconds ahead regularly can be frustrating. In fact, you may soon find you are obsessively staring at it just waiting for it to skip again. Of course, the major problem with second hand skipping is that eventually your watch will start delaying inaccurate time.

Before you start being late to everything, it is a good idea to take your watch in to a trained watch repair jeweler so they can assess it. In many cases the only problem is a dying battery. A watch with electric circuits will start moving the second hand faster when the watch is getting closer to dying. Replace the battery and you should solve the problem. If this doesn’t do it, a watch repair agent in Littleton, CO is the best person to help figure out the issue.

Watch Batteries No Longer Function Correctly 

Every watch has some type of push buttons that are responsible for performing various tasks based on the model of the watch you own. Over time, you may notice that the push buttons are not responding to your gentle touch or maybe not working at all. In most cases, this is because of corrosion and dirt build up under the button casings.

This is one reason why it is recommended that watch owners take their timepieces to a watch repair jeweler at least once a year for a thorough cleaning. Consider how dirty your hands would get if you didn’t wash them at least once a day. Now consider the fact that your wristwatch sits just an inch or two away from your hand. It is easy to see how your watch can accumulate dirt that sinks in under the button mechanisms.

After Changing Your Battery, the Watch Alarm Quits Working

Many watch owners rely on the alarm feature on their watches quite a bit. It may be the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning in Littleton, CO. Thus, if your alarm stops working you may be instantly alarmed. The good news is there are several quick ways that you can troubleshoot this problem with the help of a watch repair professional in Littleton, CO.

Most of the time the cause of a failed alarm is a malfunctioning contact spring. If the alarm becomes incorrectly positioned following a battery replacement, the spring will no longer touch it. The end result is the alarm does not go off. This generally happens if you try to change the battery on your own instead of going to a reputable watch repair.

If it isn’t the contact spring, then it is probably an issue with the way the case back was placed back on the watch. When the case back is not properly secured the alarm contact plate can get shifted causing issues with your alarm. In either case, instead of making the situation worse, it is best to take your timepiece in for watch repair so you don’t fix your alarm and then cause another issue down the road.