When to Call a Watch Repair Expert for Help | Denver, CO

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The internet has made it easy to google a lot of DIY tasks. Therefore, it isn’t too surprising that you googled “Can I fix my own watch?” The answer is multi-faceted.

Sure, you can fix your own watch, but you could also fix your own heating system, smooth a dent out of your car, and perform your own yearly physicals. However, first you have to get the proper education and experience.

The simple truth is that watch repair in Denver, Colorado is something that you should definitely leave to the professionals. Almost any watch can be repaired, but only by someone who has the technical and educational background to do so.

Should You Get Your Watch Repaired?

If you have never had to look for repair in Denver, CO before, it is reasonable to be skeptical. This is especially true for someone who is used to fiddling with things on their own. Watches don’t seem complicated from the outside, but the inside is a very complex and carefully constructed system. Accidently hitting one small piece out of sync will destroy the entire system.

Almost every watch on the market can be repaired, but the question is whether or not watch repair is worth it or not. If you bought an inexpensive watch or you have quartz watch it may not be worth your money. Many times, it is actually cheaper to just replace these types of watches versus professional repair. You may want to think twice if there is rust on the watch body or obvious damage as well.

On the other hand, if you own an expensive high-end watch it is certainly worth finding a repair shop. The retail value of these watches is very high, and even if you don’t intend to keep the watch forever the resale value of certain high-end watches is very good. The same way you wouldn’t just trash a vehicle that needs new tires or a diamond bracelet that needs a new clasp, you should give up on a valuable watch.

Watch Repair for Heirlooms

Generations ago watches were given as heirlooms, if you are lucky you may have one that was passed on to you by your great, great grandparents. Generations ago watches were passed on from grandparents to children because it was simply too expensive to purchase a new watch. Therefore, it was economical for each new generation to simply reuse the old generation’s timepiece.

These heirloom pieces are not only relics of a time long ago, but they are also antiques and in some cases may even be worth quite a bit. Heirloom watches should always be repaired by repair experts in Denver, CO and they should be serviced on a regular basis. Servicing is the best way to extend a watch’s lifespan, and if you have an heirloom piece you want to do everything in your power to make sure it will survive long enough for you to pass it on.

Should I Have My Watch Serviced?

If you own a fairly expensive watch or have an heirloom watch, then it is probably a good idea to have your watch serviced. Any standard watch repair shop in Denver, CO worth their name should be able to handle this service.

Some people don’t consider watch servicing necessary, but regular service is somewhat akin to dental cleanings. You don’t have to get your teeth cleaned every six months, and you may be able to get away with it for a while, but eventually your bad habits will catch up. If you wait until you have a toothache, you will not only have to deal with excruciating pain, but the repair is going to be much more costly.

Likewise, you don’t need to have your watch serviced by a watch repair shop, but when the watch does eventually have an issue you will probably end up paying a lot more to have it fixed. Preventative measures are simply cheaper and safer for all involved. This is especially true if you have an heirloom watch, because it’s virtually priceless.

What Does Watch Cleaning Involve?

If you are not an expert in repair, you may be puzzled over what watch cleaning actually entails. Spoiler alert, it is a very intricate process that involves much more than simply running a damp dust rag over the exterior of the watch.

The first part of watch maintenance is a clean and polish, but the second part is where things get more complex. A watch repair expert will take the watch apart, oil it if necessary, and then clean the inside thoroughly to prevent dust and other debris particles from damaging the gears. A watch that is cleaned regularly is less likely to show signs of wear.

When worn parts start damaging other parts than your only choice becomes watch repair, and that is much more expensive than the simple cleaning. If you don’t clean your watch on a regular basis there is a good chance that there will be some damage inside to the bracelet, case, or crown.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Watch?

Now that you know the importance of cleaning your watch, it is a good idea to get on the schedule at regular intervals. In general, a watch should be cleaned when the gears are covered by dust and dirt or when the oil breaks down.

The same way that oil in cars has improved, so is the oil used on the assembly lines. Over the last few years the watch oil quality has greatly improved, which means that most watch repair shop owners will recommend that you service your watch at least once every two years.