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A Rolex watch is a true statement addition to your lifestyle. The watches go through a strict testing methodology to ensure they live up to the brand’s promise of excellence to their customers. Rolex watches, with their reliability and robustness, need timely care to perform optimally. Professional watch repair services will help you achieve this objective.

In terms of brand value, Rolex has grown from $6.4 billion in 2018 to $7.9 billion in 2020. It is one of the famous luxury watch brands worldwide. The brand maintains such a stronghold in the industry due to its work ethic of offering watches that pass its high-quality testing standards.

Rolex watches are designed to last. But every device undergoes wear and tear over time and needs to undergo repairs or service to function appropriately.

The article will look at different reasons you might have to visit an experienced watch service in Denver, CO.

What Repairs Your Rolex Might Need?

You Notice Charging Issues

For a Rolex watch to function, you need to wound it manually before you can wear it. If you are wearing the Rolex for the first time or if the watch has stopped, you first need to unscrew the winding crown. The crown must be turned clockwise a minimum of 25 times for the watch to be wound partially.

Once the watch comes in contact with your wrist, it will wound automatically. If you wear your Rolex daily, there is no need for manual winding. The Rolex watch will retain charge and work fine for at least two days. If you find yourself manually winding your watch frequently even when you are wearing it daily, it is time to take your Rolex to a watch repair service.

You Have Issues Setting the Date and Time

Every Rolex watch comes with its detailed user guide on how to set the date and time. You usually have to pull out the crown to the second notch, which stops the second’s hand. With the second’s hand stopped, you can set the date and time accordingly.

If you have difficulties setting the time or if the watch is not functioning with precision after adjusting the time, it is best to get it inspected by an expert. You may visit a watch service to get your Rolex serviced or inspected for any damage before it’s too late.

Your Rolex Suffered a Strong Shock

Rolex watches are thoroughly tested against various parameters for their performance. Humidity, shocks, temperature variations, magnetic fields, and wear and tear are some of these testing parameters. The tests ensure the watches continue to perform at an optimal level even in such harsh conditions.

If your watch has suffered any solid shocks or impacts, it will help if you took the Rolex to a watch repair service center. Technical experts could perform a damage assessment and ensure the watch’s core is intact and no parts have been damaged or broken. It would be best to solve a problem at the earliest than to wait for it to snowball and harm the working of your Rolex.

The Crown Does Not Screw Down Completely

Rolex watches come with an oyster case that is responsible for the waterproof characteristic of the watch. The case needs to be appropriately sealed for it to perform its intended function. The crown of the Rolex lets you complete the mechanism by closing the case shut.

The crown of your Rolex watch has to be screwed entirely until you can no longer turn it. If you notice the crown does not screw down entirely or the crown is loose, you will have to get your Rolex to a watch repair center. An open crown could damage the integrity of your watch. Dust or water can seep through, affecting the functionality of your Rolex.

Water Has Seeped In Through an Unscrewed Crown

Rolex watches can maintain their exceptional performance even underwater. You can wear your Rolex while taking a dip in the swimming pool or while diving in the salt-water of the sea. You can take down Rolex watches, 50 to 100 meters in depth, without any issue, depending on the model of the watch. Rinsing the Rolex with fresh water at the end of the day is all the care you need to take.

The one precaution you should take is to screw down the crown against the oyster case completely. If not, then water can easily seep through to the core. If you find yourself in a situation where water has seeped in through, immediately take your Rolex to a professional watch repair service center like the one in Denver, CO.

When Should You Get Your Rolex Watch Serviced?

Rolex watches are designed for robustness and durability. Rolex recommends you get your watches serviced every ten years, depending on the model and usage, to ensure your watch functions accurately and maintains its dust-proof and waterproof nature.

Suppose you swim regularly, or your watch is prone to shocks owing to the sports you indulge in regularly. In that case, you might want to visit an authorized Rolex watch repair center periodically to have your Rolex inspected.

A regular visit to a repair center in Denver will add more years to your Rolex in all these cases.

Get Your Rolex Watch Repair Done from Professionals

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