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Owning a Seiko Prospex watch is an achievement in itself. They are the perfect companions of thrill-seekers around the globe. You want to go diving or fly around the skies, Seiko Prospex has a watch designed for every occasion. With proper care and watch repair services, you can keep your timeless piece in immaculate condition.

Seiko Prospex watches are sensitive, precision instruments. These watches need proper care and maintenance to ensure their robustness and durability over time. There are simple tips you can follow to care for your classic timepiece.

If you notice signs of wear and tear, it would be best to get them to an authorized repair service like Highlands Ranch, CO, to get them serviced or repaired by experienced professionals.

The article will take you through different tips and techniques on the proper repair and maintenance of your Seiko Prospex watch.

How Should You Care For Your Seiko Prospex Watches?

Basic Care for Water Resistant Watches

The water resistance feature of Seiko watches is not permanently guaranteed. It is a machine at the end of the day. It would help if you cared for the device for it to work smoothly.

Here are some essential maintenance tips you could follow for your water resistance watches:

  • Never put a water-resistant watch in water when the crown is not in its intended place.


  • If the watch is underwater or it has moisture on it, do not pull out the crown.


  • When cleaning your water-resistant Seiko Prospex watches, do not hold them directly under a running faucet. The water pressure from the tap is high and could be damaging to the water-resistant capability of the watch.


  • Regularly check your watch for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice the crown does not fit correctly or the readings are off, get your Seiko Prospex to an authorized watch repair service and let experts restore the functionality of your watch.

Clean your Watch After Every Dive

Make a ritual of cleaning your watch after every dive you take in the sea. Clean your watch with fresh water after ensuring the crown is in place. As mentioned earlier, do not place your watch under running tap water.

Fill water out in the sink or a container and use it to rinse your watch. Next, wipe off the freshwater with a soft dry cloth, making sure no moisture is left behind.

Keep an Eye on the Gaskets

If you swim or dive regularly, then do keep checking the gasket of your watch. A gasket is a mechanical seal made out of rubber or other materials that acts as a barrier between two surfaces. They provide your watch with its water-resistant capability. Gaskets, however, are prone to aging. Their performance can deteriorate and damage your watch in the process.

To ensure your Seiko Prospex watches are in optimal health, visit an authorized watch repair service to have them inspected for any worn-out parts.

Avoid Dropping your Watch on Hard Surfaces

Understandably you would not drop your watch intentionally. But, this tip deserves mention as the functionality of your watch could suffer as a result of solid shocks. Take care when you are wearing and removing the watch from your wrist. You could maybe sit on a bed or stand near a table or a dresser when putting on the watch to avoid any hard-hitting shocks.

Take your Seiko Prospex to a professional watch repair service if you drop your watch on a hard surface.

Do Not Use Chemicals

Cleaning your Seiko Prospex watch with still freshwater is enough. Avoid using any chemicals or cleaning agents like bleach or thinner to take care of your watch. The chemicals used could cause a reaction, damaging the dial, band, or strap in the process. If you want your watch cleaned professionally, you could always take it to an authorized watch repair service.

Consider Temperature Parameters

Extremes temperatures could affect the functionality of your watch. Operation temperatures vary depending on the caliber of the watch you own. Refer to watch calibers and ensure you remain within the prescribed temperature limits.

Daily Cleaning

Invest time in a cleaning practice whenever you wear the watch. If the watch is a part of the workwear ensemble, ensure you clean the watch at the end of the day with a soft cloth to remove any sweat or dirt. This simple practice could extend your watch’s lifetime and save you from a frequent visit to a watch repair service.

When Should You Take Your Seiko Prospex Watch for Servicing?

Seiko Prospex watches are designed to be robust and durable. However, every device requires proper maintenance and care to perform at its optimal level. Seiko recommends you get periodic servicing done for your watches every three years.

Visit an authorized watch repair service like the one at Highlands Ranch, CO, to get your watch inspected by a technical specialist experienced in handling timeless pieces.

Let Experts Care for Your Seiko Prospex Watches

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