Signs That You Need A Watch Repair | Englewood, CO

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When you purchase a fine watch, you’re expecting that it’s going to last you for many years. If you take proper care of it and get it serviced regularly, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Usually, that just means doing simple maintenance by taking it to a repair shop but sometimes, it means recognizing the signs that something is seriously wrong with your watch. If you don’t bring your watch to a qualified watch repair specialist when things go wrong, you’re going to end up with a watch that doesn’t perform nearly as well as it should. These are the signs that you can’t ignore!

Second Hand Skipping

Some fine watches are battery-powered, and if yours falls into this category, you might notice that the second hand starts to move multiple seconds at a time, sometimes moving three or four seconds at once.

Is it a serious problem? Actually, it’s not, but it does require you to find a quality watch repair expert, because it’s a sign that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. The good news is that this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective watch fixes there is, as long as you pay attention to this sign.

If you don’t, however, you could run into problems. The inside of a battery is corrosive, and if you let your battery die, you risk letting acid leak out of your dead battery and into your watch. As soon as the second hand starts doing anything that looks odd, it’s time to find a watch expert.

Moisture in Your Watch Case

One thing you need to remember about your watch is that it’s made up of several small pieces. When you purchase a high-quality watch from a reputable watchmaker, it’s likely going to be made up of 100 or more pieces, all designed to fit together to make your watch operational.

Even the smallest bit of water can get in the way of these small gears doing their job, and the longer moisture sits inside your watch, the worse the damage is going to be. In this case, if you don’t get your watch to a repair expert soon, you’re going to end up with a badly damaged watch that might not even function properly anymore.

To limit the risk of this occurring, it’s wise for you to take your watch off whenever you know that you’re going to be near water. If you’re going to the local swimming pool, or going fishing in the river, be smart and leave your timepiece at home. It’s far better to rely on your cell phone to keep time for a day than it is to risk losing your watch to a large water source. If you’re traveling to the coast and its ocean, it’s doubly important to leave your watch somewhere safe, because salt water is even more damaging to the parts of your watch. If you get salt water in your watch, even the best watch repair experts will have a challenge on their hands to save it.

Wrong Time

Your watch isn’t always going to be perfect at telling time exactly to the second, and that’s normal with hundreds of parts working in unison to create one result. During an average day, it’s normal for your watch to be three or four seconds fast or slow. If your watch is only off by a second or two from when you set it, it’s nothing to worry about.

But if your watch is off for much longer than that, you’ve got an issue. It could be that the mechanics of your watch have been thrown off by the magnets in your cell phone, or they could have been magnetized another way. If something seems off, it probably is, so it’s a good idea to bring your watch to a qualified watch repair specialist in Englewood, CO before your watch really starts to go out of sync.

Strange Noises

Did you hear a rattle in your watch when you moved it around on your wrist? If so, it’s a sign that you need to have a watch repair expert take a look at it. Because a fine watch is made up of so many small pieces, it’s not uncommon for a jolt on the table to accidentally knock something loose. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with gears and other mechanical pieces, even being a fraction of an inch off can be a disaster.

When you get your watch, you should know exactly what it sounds like when things are normal so that you recognize what it sounds like when something’s wrong. Knowing the difference will help you know when it’s time to find a watch repair expert and have them examine your watch.

Imperfect Appearance

In one episode of Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison is blunt about Rolex’s standards: “Everything is right. If it isn’t right when it comes off the assembly line, they throw it away.” They’re not the only ones. All fine watchmakers share that commitment to quality, because imperfections hurt the image of their brand.

So if there’s something imperfect about your watch, that’s a sign that something has gone wrong and you need to call a watch repair expert. When you buy a fine watch, you should make sure that it looks perfect for two reasons. The first is to ensure it’s genuine, and the second is so that you know what it’s supposed to look like. When you know what a perfect watch looks like, it’s much easier for you to recognize when something doesn’t look right and bring it in to be examined.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches, we’re honored that quality watchmakers trust us to sell and provide watch repair services on their products. We know that quality watch repair in Englewood, CO takes time and care, and we make sure every repair is done to manufacturer standards. When your watch has a problem, contact us to get it fixed the right way!