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As the owner of luxury watches, you need to be able to have them repaired by a professional. If you don’t know who to bring them to, you may make the mistake of trusting an inexperienced jeweler to handle the repair. Your watches may become lost or damaged as a result of your decision. If you want to avoid the hassle that comes with filing an insurance claim or taking a jeweler to court, you’ll need to do your homework.

Researching the different local businesses that do watch repair allows you to see what types of services are available. You get a feel for the jewelers that everyone you know trusts. You also avoid the hassles that come with taking your expensive Rolex to a company that doesn’t know how to fix it.

Here is how to find watch repair service in Highlands Ranch, CO:

  • Ask around. When you’re around the people that you know or speak to them by phone, ask who they bring their watches to for repairs. You’ll learn very quickly which companies people trust. Someone from within your inner circle likely knows the best jeweler in the area. Your relative or friend will tell you who to contact to bring your watch to so it can get fixed.


  • Read reviews posted online. Customers like to share their experiences virtually. They post reviews and testimonials for others to read. If you want to learn more about a jeweler that you just heard of, check out review websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. Reading through the comments can provide you with the information needed to feel confident in bringing your watch to the professional that you read about online.


  • Use the Recommendation Tool on Facebook. Make social media work well for you when searching for a repair service. Using Facebook as a resource, put out your feelers by creating a post asking for recommendations. You’ll get a range of responses that you can come back to whenever it is convenient for you to do so. Reading through the answers you’ve received allows you to identify commonalities between posts.


  • Answer an advertisement that you’ve received in the mail, seen on TV or heard on the radio. Writing down the name of the company and the phone number so you can contact them with your request for watch repair is imperative. It allows you to fix your watch as quickly as possible by a company who clearly wants to grab your attention with their ad.


  • Do a web search for companies in the area. Using the search engine of your choice, enter your geographic location. You can have the computer or phone automatically zone in on where you live or enter the zip code of the area you’re narrowing your search to today. Once you find a few watch companies in Highlands Ranch, CO, you can start calling or emailing them to see who can assist you with your request.

Now that you know where to find a reputable jeweler in the area, you can bring your watch to them to repair. Having the name and contact information of a trusted professional benefits you. If you need yours repaired again, you’ll know exactly who to call to do the work for you. Taking your luxury watch to the first jeweler that you find in the area is not a good idea.

The Skills You Want a Jeweler to Have Before You Bring a Watch to Them

A jeweler should have a certain set of skills and personality traits before you bring jewelry to them. They must be capable of handling repair requests on specific brands of watches, too. To help you understand what you’ll want in a jeweler, we’ve listed some of their most notable traits right away.

Here’s how you know you’ve hired an excellent jeweler to do the watch repair for you:

  • They’re well-known in the city. People in Colorado know the jeweler’s company by name. They have either worked with the watch repairer or known someone that has in the past to have repair services done.


  • Online reviews reflect customer satisfaction. Customers are happy with the work that they’ve done on their watches. They’ve taken the time to write reviews online for other people to read.


  • The jeweler answers your questions and gives you their full attention. When you contact them to inquire about their services, they’re more than happy to assist you. The professional takes the time to take care of your needs and make you feel valued.


  • The watch repairer works on many brands and is authorized to do so. If you own a lot of different watches, it can be highly beneficial to work with the same repair company. That way, you know that you’ll receive the same quality repair work every time that you bring a watch into the jeweler.


  • You feel like a valued customer when the transaction completes. The professional wants to make sure that you know that they appreciate your business. They take the time to thank you and invite you to return to their storefront whenever you need additional repairs done on your collection of watches.

Now that you know what to look for in a watch repair service provider in Highlands Ranch, CO, you can finally get your watch fixed by an expert. You don’t need to worry about something going wrong with your timepiece because you have a skilled professional with years of experience assisting you with the repair. That means less stress and more time to enjoy your working watch.

Get Your Watch Repaired by Experts in the Industry

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