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Ever bought a good looking or rather expensive wristwatch and then after some time, it stops to function? How was the feeling? The chances are high that you’ll keep thinking about the damaged watch throughout the day, and that can lower your concentration and focus on the crucial stuff.

It’s rather unusual and seemingly acceptable to have a “set it and forget it” attitude when a timepiece calls for service. However, it’s not always the best idea. It’s recommended that you consider a reliable watch repair service so that your chronometer can be as good as new.

If you live in Englewood, CO, and you’re having problems with your timepiece, don’t panic. Here are standard wristwatches’ issues and how they are handled.

The Watch Has Stopped 

In most cases, if a watch has stopped working, it’s always advisable to first check on the battery. Most companies design their watches’ batteries to last for at least two years, although some have an extended lifetime and can last up to five years. The problem, however, is that most of these watches don’t have second-hand batteries. In Englewood, CO, there are several technicians you can always trust to check your watches’ battery and replace it if necessary.

Second Hand Ticking Back and Forth at the Same Spot

This is one of the most common predicaments with wristwatches. It is an indicator that the watch is not functioning mechanically, although the timepiece is working well electronically. This calls for movement watch repairor service in the clock. Several conditions can lead to such malfunctions, but a complete watch repair from a trusted dealer will have the watch functioning again as new.

Alarm Dead After Battery Replacement

The problem can be attributed to several factors. The most common, however, might be that the alarm spring is not in the correct position. Other possibilities may be that the case was wrongly placed, or there’s a defect on the alarm contact plate. This is an easy fix, many electricians can perform the watch repair process on the go.

Black Display on Digital Watches With Numbers Invisible 

This problem is common with most digital watches, especially if they have experienced a shock, maybe through a fall or blow. This results in the digital display, which is a thin sandwich of glass filled with a conductive fluid, to be cracked or contaminated, and as a result, air leaks in and damages the fluid.

Watch repair at this point is crucial and can be expensive depending on the value of the timepiece, so getting a replacement can be the best alternative economically. Sometimes it’s wise to go for a new watch instead of considering repair if the damage seems far-reaching.

Buttons Won’t Push-In or Pull-Out

Most watches come with push buttons attached to their underside, and they move in and out of the tube they are connected to. Such watches have a tiny spring that enables the stem to push out when the button is pressed lightly. Dirt and corrosion can accumulate in the spring over time and result in the spring failing to restore the switch to the required or original position. Watch repair can be done to replace the spring, and full watch maintenance may also be carried out to remove the accumulated dirt or corroded materials.

Chronograph Issues with Battery Life

Chronograph watches are a bit expensive than traditional watches. However, one of their most significant disadvantages compared to conventional watches is poor battery life. If you buy a chronograph watch, you have to think about having to replace its battery regularly. Luckily, there are ways that you can use to manage your timepieces’ battery life so that it extends for up to a year or more.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by stopping the watches’ chronograph function when it’s not in use. This eliminates the chances of your battery wearing out prematurely and the constant need to replace it now and then.

The Watch Has Stopped Ticking

Some watches stop functioning all together with the hands failing to tick completely. The most common problem associated with such kind of a situation is a dead battery, and watch repair at this point can be helpful. However, there can be a misplacement of the battery due to the watch falling or being struck. This is an easy fix. Opening the back of the watch and fixing the battery will get the job done.

In some cases, dropping the watch can push the hands from their original position, making it impossible for them to work. In Englewood, CO, there are trusted watch repair technicians and other watch experts who can work on your watch at an affordable fee.

The Watch is Running Slow or Fast

This isn’t a big problem, and you don’t need to do anything about it. Although the running is tiny and incremental, over time, it will result in a bigger problem causing your timepiece to gain or lose a significant amount of time. A visit to a reputable watch repair shop will have the problem solved in no time. But if the clock loses or gains a few seconds each day, this isn’t a big deal as it’s common for watches to do so.

Consider Professional Watch Repair

Having a functioning watch helps one to build confidence and keep time during critical errands. Every timepiece lover needs to enjoy owning their piece without worrying about constant breakdowns. As a resident of Englewood, CO, you can always visit our shops from Tuesday to Saturday in our Highland Ranch Store to have your timepiece fixed.

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