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Watches are one of the most worn accessories since the beginning of time. Different people put on watches to satisfy varying needs, including boosting their looks and appearance. However, the original purpose of a watch was to tell time. Just like any other mechanical device, a watch needs often servicing. Otherwise, it may develop complications and eventually stop working.

Due to the high level of advancement in the mechanical world, watch repair services are now widely available. For instance, in Highlands Ranch CO, there are several reputable places to get your watch fixed if it develops any complications.

Here are some of the services you may come across when presenting your Tag Heuer watch for repair:

Band Replacement or Repairing

People wear watches on a day to day basis. They get exposed to elements such as moisture and dirt that may cause the band to wear and tear. Considering taking the watch to a TAG Heuer watch repair service may be the best option you got. Replacing the band will give the watch a new appearance.

Most watchmakers in a TAG Heuer watch repair shop get an original band ordered from the watch’s manufacturer. However, in a case where it isn’t available, they replace it using a similar match.

It should also not be a problem when the watch band is metallic. Stainless steel and gold bands can be polished to remove the scratches on the surfaces. In pro repair shops in Highlands Ranch CO, the clasps and buckles are ordered from the manufacturer, giving your timepiece its original look once more.

Battery Replacement

The value of a watch can only be measured if it’s working. When you begin to notice the hands of your timepiece frequently stopping, then it’s time for a battery change. At most repair shops in Highlands Ranch, CO, they have experienced technicians who are experts in the field of watch repair. They analyze your watch, do some tests on the battery and, if necessary, replace the old battery with a completely new and functional one.

In a TAG Heuer watch repair service, battery replacement also includes a pressurization test. The watch is sealed at every point of repair to ensure it remains water-resistant.

Crystal Replacement

It’s quite depressing to look at a watch with broken crystal pieces. However, the intriguing bit is that a TAG Heuer watch repair expert can fix this. TAG Heuer watch repair shops have certified watchmakers who will ensure that your watch is in good condition. Some of the materials used in making these crystals include acrylic, mineral glass, and synthetic sapphire. The acrylic ones are the softest, but they shatter and crack when met with a hard impact.

Mineral glass is the most popular choice of material for manufacturers in Highlands Ranch, CO. It’s not easily scratched but can shatter if faced with a hard impact. On the other hand, synthetic sapphire is the hardest form of crystal. In a TAG Heuer watch repair service, the watchmakers come up with the sapphire composition in the labs, which makes it the most expensive watch crystal.

On occasional cases, when a watch crystal shatters, one is advised to replace the hands of the watch to avoid interference of the movements in a watch.

Dial Replacement

Changing the face of a watch may devalue it and make it seem unoriginal. However, there is always an option for replacement. Before replacing the dial, however, there are some procedures followed. For instance, in a TAG Heuer watch repair service, the watch is stopped and the back case opened, carefully disintegrating each part to avoid causing harm.

Watch hands are also removed using a hand remover, one at a time. Since the dial is inserted using the tips of fingers, watchmakers have to be extra careful not to leave any fingerprints on it.

Gasket Replacement

Just like the replacement of other internal parts of a timepiece, removing a watch gasket requires the disintegration of some parts. To replace a gasket, one must have the proper expertise. Some services such as TAG Heuer watch repair service are renowned for undertaking this perfectly.

Watch gaskets are made from either rubber or plastic crystals and cover watches from elements such as dirt, oil, water, and perfumes. A gasket needs to be fitted using the correct measurements, or else the case might seem overstretched once you reseal the watch. Such requires professional input.

Stem and Crown Repair or Replacement

The watch crown is the piece on the side of a watch that you pull to set time or dates. Additionally, the stem connects hand movements with the crown.

In a case where either of the two parts has detached from the watch, considering professional repair might be the best option. A TAG Heuer watch repair shop has got you covered. If you try to fix this kind of complication on your own, you might end up causing damage to the hands.

Replacing the crown and stem at the same time occurs in severe cases. For instance, you might use a lot of force to pull the stem of a new watch, causing both the stem and the crown to malfunction. Seeking the help of a watchmaker is necessary at this point. It’s also essential to make sure that the crown is of the right fitting. For example, in Highlands Ranch, CO, watches made for diving purposes must have a crown with a fitting screw to enable water resistance.

Consider Pro Watch Repair Services

It’s fundamental to seek professional help once you have a problematic watch. When you take a watch for fixing at a TAG Heuer watch repair shop, you get to receive quality repair services. You might also get an opportunity to learn more about how to service and take care of your watch.

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