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If you have a high-quality watch you likely use it quite frequently, or maybe even every single day. But did you know that there are some things you may be doing that are actually hurting your watch? Sure, we all know we shouldn’t hit our watches against anything, but some of the normal, daily things that you’re putting that watch through could actually be increasing your need for watch repair. That’s definitely not something you’re going to want to pay for, right? So what should you stop doing? We’re here to tell you all about it.

Taking Your Watch Underwater

Even if you have a diver’s watch it’s really not a good idea to put your watch underwater. The truth is that no watch is 100% waterproof. They’re water resistant. That means if you’re going underwater you’re going to get at least a small amount of water inside the watch and even that small amount of water can start to cause damage. Not only that but if your watch isn’t fully sealed the way you think you could get a whole lot of water into it, and then you’re really in need of watch repair.

Wearing a Watch That’s Too Big

If you’re wearing a watch that’s too big for your wrist you’re going to find yourself having more trouble with it. The reason is that you’re going to be hitting it against things without even realizing. How often do we squeeze through a space in the crowd that’s just barely large enough for us? Or put our hand out to catch the automatic door before it closes all the way? You’re likely moving your arms around throughout the day without thinking about how the watch sticking out over your arm is actually hitting things. As a result, your watch could end up in need ofrepair because it’s cracked or scratched.

Storing it Improperly

Storing your watch is important no matter what type of watch you have. You want to make sure that you have a good quality case that will keep the watch protected when it’s not being used. If you leave your watch sitting on a counter or hanging on a jewelry rack you’re leaving it open to the air. That means things like dust, moisture and even pets or children are able to get into your watch. You may not see any damage or notice anyone abusing it, but before you know it your watch isn’t working the way it used to and you have to take it in for repair.

Moving from Temperature Extremes

If you tend to work in extremely cold or hot environments this can be even more important. Those who work in certain trades, for example, may find themselves moving from freezers or furnaces to average temperatures quite frequently. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can definitely put you in need of watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO. That’s because your watch with expand and contract as it’s exposed to those temperatures extremes and not having enough time to gradually work its way to average temperature is going to cause stress and strain on the gears and internal workings.

Setting It Incorrectly

Did you know there are right and wrong ways to set your watch? There absolutely are. If you’re setting your watch during the period of time that’s considered the ‘danger zone’ you could actually damage the internal workings of the watch. This time period occurs between 9pm and 3am and if you’re setting your watch here it can cause problems to the movement and gears. Other functions that are set incorrectly can also cause the watch to fail or require watch repair to get things working again.

Winding It While You Wear It

Many people notice that their watch is not wound while they’re wearing it and so they simply wind it up and continue on with their day. This is actually a common reason for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO, however. The problem is that it’s very easy to overwind a watch while you’re wearing it. It’s also very easy to twist the crown in an awkward direction, to pull it out too far or to otherwise damage the unit. As a result, you end up with some extensive damage that takes more work to fix. After all, when the actually pieces of the watch are broken they need replaced, not just realigned.

Getting to Close to Magnets

Your mechanical watch is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and if you’re not careful about getting too close you could find yourself with a completely broken watch. What may surprise you is that your cell phone or tablet can be the cause of those magnetic fields. So can your radio or your speakers. Basically, any type of electronic device could cause damage to your watch and a need for further watch repair. You want to make sure that you’re not setting your watch and your phone on the same counter, for example, or leaving them next to each other when you go to bed.

Tightening the Screws Too Much

If you change out your own battery you may also be tightening the screws on the case too much. This is definitely a reason you would need watch repair because it means that you could damage the case and even the internal aspects of the watch itself. Tightening the screws just the right amount means that everything inside the watch is protected but your watch won’t be quite as watertight this way.

The key is to make sure you’re taking great care of your watch. You don’t want to pay for watch repair in Highlands Ranch, CO and you don’t want to be without your watch because of something far too simple. So, take a look at these and whether you’re doing anything that could be causing damage, without even realizing it.

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