8 Steps to Choosing a Watch for a Gift | Tips from Your Littleton, CO Watch Repair Provider

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Are you looking for the perfect watch for someone special in your life? Maybe you’ve noticed that their old one is looking a little worse for wear. Perhaps you’re noticing that they always ask someone else about the time. You want something that is going to work for their lifestyle and their personal style. And you want something that they won’t have to spend a lot for watch repair on. So, how are you going to choose the ideal watch for their needs? Well, it’s going to take quite a bit of thought.

1.  What Size Works Best?

If the person you’re purchasing the watch for has smaller wrists you generally don’t want to choose a large watch that is going to dwarf their size. Rather, you’re going to want to choose a watch that will fit comfortably and will look appropriate. Watches that are too large or too small can be uncomfortable. Not to mention if it’s too big it can often be more easily damaged, leading to even more watch repair needed. That’s definitely not something that anyone is going to be happy about in Littleton, CO.

2.  Consider the Maintenance

A quartz watch is going to require less maintenance and watch repair than a mechanical watch, which is something that may be important to you or the person you’re purchasing the watch for. While mechanical watches don’t require a whole lot of repair for a service visit can be inexpensive, it’s still something to consider. Quartz watches, on the other hand, will need new batteries periodically, which can also cost some money (watch batteries can be surprisingly expensive) so you’ll want to weigh out all of the associated costs that will go in with this gift.

3.  Set a Budget

Watches can run anywhere from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on what you’re looking at and just how special you really want it to be. Make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking too hard. You definitely don’t want to fall in love with a beautiful watch and then find out that there’s no way that you can afford to give it as a gift. Your budget needs to be realistic and you should think about just how close you are to this person when you’re setting it as well. You probably won’t set the same budget for a partner versus a work colleague. Watch repair isn’t your responsibility after you give the watch, but consider that when you buy as well.

4.  Consider Their Style

You might absolutely love a specific style of watch but if you’re heard your friend say they don’t like having to wind a watch then you shouldn’t get them that style. If they always talk about how they love a transparent case then you should be looking at that. Don’t worry as much about watch repair on specific types if that’s the specific type that your friend likes. If they told you what they really want then it’s not your job to try and change their mind or to get them something that just doesn’t fit their personal style, no matter what you may or may not think about that choice.

5.  Consider Where to Wear it

Will the person you’re giving this watch to want to wear it every single day? Are they only going to pull it out for special occasions? You’ll want to think about this when you’re buying a watch. Something they’re going to wear every day should be able to stand up to quite a bit more use and abuse than a watch that they’re only going to pull out for the most important of occasions. This helps them to have less watch repair to pay for. You’ll want to think about the type of person that you’re buying it for as well. If they’re the type to head outdoors in Littleton, CO, frequently you might want a watch that’s well sealed, for example.

6.  Extra Features

What kind of features or extras would be a good idea for this individual? If they love hiking and mountain biking and other outdoor sports you may want a watch that’s more rugged. If they’re the type that likes to attend formal occasions or that is constantly interacting with others in a tailored business suit they may want something a little more sleek and polished. You’ll want to consider the features available with different watches and see just which ones are going to work out the best for the person you’re buying that gift for. The more features the more that could potentially require watch repair, but it’s all about the person getting the gift.

7.  Consider the Occasion

Why are you purchasing this watch? Is it just a standard gift? Is it a gift for a special occasion? If you’re just buying a watch for someone who needs one and it’s not a special occasion you may not want to buy something quite as special. If it’s for an important life event like a graduation or a promotion, however, you might want to get something that will have special meaning for them long after this event. You might even want something that you can get engraved to really help them remember this day.

8.  Choose the Strap

Many people think they have to stick with whatever strap comes with their watch but that is rarely the case. In fact, in general it’s only the most basic of watches that don’t have a removable and changeable strap. This is one of the easiest types of watch repair you can choose (along with resizing watch straps). Make sure you choose something that really fits the look and style of the person that you’re buying it for. Your friends in Littleton, CO are going to be very happy with the choices you make if you’re taking their personal style into consideration.

When it comes to choosing a great watch for someone in Littleton, CO, you’re going to want to take a close look at them as an individual. Make sure that they are getting something they can truly enjoy and that they will want to show off to everyone that they meet. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a high-end watch. A watch that really works for their lifestyle is one they’re going to tell everyone about, whether it’s a diver’s watch or a stylish Swiss version. And definitely don’t forget to tell them where they can get watch repair for that new piece.

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