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Do you know about all of the different types of watches that are out there? Probably not, right? Or maybe you think you do but you don’t realize that there are 30 (or more) different types. We’re only going to talk about a few of them, but keep in mind that if you’re looking for watch repair you need to know about each one. You want to make sure that the Denver, CO watch shop you take it to knows how to work with the type of watch you actually have.

Analog Watches

An analog watch is the one that has two (or three) hands that rotate around the face. This type of watch is one that you may have had when you were younger or that you might see in older watches. While some people still like analog, they’re not quite as popular as they used to be. Contrary to popular belief, these could actually be the cheapest for watch repair.

Digital Watches

These watches don’t have hands at all. Instead, they have an LCD screen that actually shows you the time in numerals. This makes it easier to read for those who are younger or just getting starting understanding time.

Hybrid Watches

These watches are ones that have hands and a standard face, but they also have an LCD screen. In general, these are more like a hybrid smartwatch, because they give you some additional features that you can use. They can definitely be a lot of fun for some users but they may need more expensive repair if anything goes wrong.

Tactile Watches

This is one that you’ve likely never actually noticed before. That’s because they’re special watches that are designed for the blind. They don’t actually show the time at all. Instead, they rotate and provide feedback that will give you the time without needing to actually see anything (or have a verbal reading of the time).


These ones are the ones that a lot of people find to be the most fun today. That’s because they give you a whole lot of different features and give you the ability to try out something entirely new. You’ll be able to load in apps, check notifications and a whole lot more, and still be able to see the time and a whole lot more.

What Kind of Watch Do I Need?

So, what kind of watch do you need? How should you decide which one is going to be the right fit for you? The truth is that no one but you can decide which type of watch is the best one for you. No one but you can figure out which one is going to fit your lifestyle and your preferences. Plus you want to take a closer look at just what kind of watch repair you might need to think about with your new watch.

Analog watches are great for those who just want simplicity. You can get some really basic analog watches or you can get some really fancy, luxury styles. You get to decide what works the best for you. But you have a whole lot of variety, versatility and options when it comes to these. Plus, you can buy them just about anywhere. Watch repair here can be relatively simple for most businesses.

Digital watches are great for those who are just getting started learning to tell time or those who just want something easy and quick to read. They’re great for users who want to spend very little because these are generally some of the cheapest watches that you’re going to find, but they last well and they’re versatile for just about anyone. The repair on these is generally relatively simple as well.

Hybrid watches are great for those who want to keep things simple and maybe save a little money but also want a few additional features and bonuses. These watches can be about middle of the road when it comes to pricing, with most being more expensive than digital or analog but less expensive than smartwatches (or tactile watches). Watch repair on a hybrid watch starts to get a little bit more intense.

Tactile watches are designed for those who are blind or unable to see easily. These watches are great for these individuals because they allow the individual to still have their own independence in additional ways. They can definitely be unique and they’re great, but they can also be quite expensive because of the techniques required in order to make them. Tactile repair is definitely a specialized thing and you would need specific training to be able to do this.

Smartwatches are great for those who want to have something top of the line and something a whole lot more fun. They’re designed for people who want to be able to play games, check out apps and just do a host of different things with their watch. If you’re looking to get the most advanced options out there you’re definitely going to want to take a closer look at these. Smartwatches are more electronic than they are a watch and watch repair can be difficult.

No matter which type of watch you decide is the best for you, you’re definitely going to be more than happy with your choice. That’s because there are so many different styles that you’re going to find something that matches your own personality and your preferences. If you’re struggling to find just the right watch or you’re torn between multiple different types just take a look at what each can offer. And keep in mind just how much watch repair you may need to pay for as well.

Don’t choose the wrong watch for your interests or your needs. Make sure that you’re looking at the different options and that you at least check out a few different watches in each category. You will definitely be surprised at what you find in Denver, CO.

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Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry is also a factory authorized service center for Cartier, Tag Heuer, Philip Stein, Swiss Army and many more brands. When you use Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for your watch repair, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive our (3) three-year warranty on major repairs that we provide. If you are looking for the best watch repair service center throughout the United States, you cannot go wrong when you choose Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. With certifications from not only AWCI but SAWTA too, we not only stand out from the pack; we lead it.”