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Are you looking to invest in a new watch? Perhaps you want to buy a watch as an investment? Or to hand down to your grandchildren? Maybe you want a watch that you can wear on special occasions or that you’ll use daily. There are many different timepieces available in a variety of different styles and designs. This article will look at the different types of watches on the market. Whether you’re looking for watch repair, a stylish watch, a sporty watch for daily use, or something elegant and eye-catching, you may consider visiting Matheu’s Fine Watches in Highlands Ranch, CO. The company has a store that sells fine watches and jewelry and employs a team of watchmakers who can carry out repair and servicing.

Styles of Watches

There are many different brands and styles of watches, including sports watches, elegant or luxurious watches, and watches for everyday use. Before deciding which watch you want to invest in, you should carefully consider when you plan to wear your timepiece.

Luxury or Fine Watches

Many people choose to buy a luxury watch as an investment piece. They may use it to tell the time, or only wear it on special occasions, but are ultimately planning to sell the watch for a profit in the future. Luxury watches are often favored by the rich and famous. The higher price of these types of watches will be reflected by the materials used in their manufacture. Luxury watches are made from high-quality components and have been well designed. They’ve also been manufactured to a high standard, which makes them long-lasting. Many fine watches are passed down through the generations.

Fine watches are usually made from precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, or platinum. They may also have gemstone details, and perhaps even incorporate diamonds. The dial may be inlaid with enamel or mother of pearl.

As well as telling the time, many luxury watches will also provide the wearer with the date and even track the phases of the moon. They may be battery-powered, but many luxury brands still use an automatic, self-winding mechanism. These types of watches have been built to last as they are intended for long-term ownership.

Watch Repair for a Luxury Watch

If you choose to invest in a good quality luxury watch, you should budget for watch repair. Also, be aware that your watch will need to be serviced every two or three years. Any necessary watch repairs can then be carried out to keep it in good condition.

Dress Watches

Dress watches have been designed for everyday use or special occasions. They use modest yet elegant design and are relatively simple but will look good with various outfits. They generally have an analog dial housed in a simple polished metal casing made from steel and gold or silver plated.

Dress watches often have a stopwatch function and also a discreet date window. They are intended for daily use but shouldn’t be worn when doing sports or other strenuous activities.

The benefit of buying this watch style is that they are good quality and long-lasting while having a slightly lower price tag than luxury watches. They look elegant and can be worn on special occasions and look good with a variety of outfits. If you’re looking for a watch that has a classic look and won’t go out of fashion quickly, a dress watch may be right for you as it will still look great in five years. This type of watch often has roman numerals, rather than numbers, to give it a traditional look.

Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are more affordable and are available in a variety of colors and materials. Current fashion trends have inspired their design and styling. These watches are modern and often have innovative dial shapes or unique, eye-catching numeral arrangements.

This type of watch has been designed to be affordable for most people, and the price is significantly lower than dress watches. People buy fashion watches to match particular outfits or to keep up with a trend. They may own more than one watch. Rather than numbers, some fashion watches have lines to mark the hours.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are very durable and are made with a rugged exterior. They have been designed to stand up to challenging weather conditions and are water-resistance. They are usually manufactured with a rubber casing, as this helps to withstand physical impact. Sports watches are suitable for use when doing all types of sports or outdoor activities.

They usually have sub-dials that offer special features such as a stop-watch for timing laps. Modern sports watches have health features such as heart monitors, timers, or pedometers.

Divers or Pilot Watches

Divers or pilot watches are an extreme version of the sports watch. They have been designed for professional divers, marine engineers or military personnel and aviation employees and can withstand the elements. They offer extreme durability and can continue to function, even in the toughest of environments.

These types of watches are entirely water-proof and can be used at a greater depth than sports watches. They feature high-visibility dials as well as features such as the date and stopwatches. Specialist pilot watches have extra functions, such as slide rules and technical gauges.

Children’s Watches

Children’s watches are great for the youngest family members as they help them learn to tell the time. They are generally small and colorful and are designed to be durable so that they can withstand knocks. Children’s watches have an easy to read analog face or a digital dial.

Matheu’s Fine Watches, Watch Repair and Sales, Highlands Ranch, CO

Matheu’s Fine Watches has two stores and offers watch repair, servicing, and sales in Highlands Ranch and Highlands Ranch, CO. The company has a large selection of good quality watches and jewelry. They can carry out professional watch repair and maintenance. Their watch repair workshop is a BBB accredited business.

The team can be contacted on 303-471-TIME (8463) for watch repair or sales.