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Personal style and how you carry yourself can create a strong impression. Your haircut, clothes, and the way you walk all play a role in your personality. And then there is your wristwatch.

Though these items are easily noticeable, but it is the timepiece that flaunts your personal style statement. It has stood the test of time for over a century, and it is one area which is rife with constant technological and design improvements.

Every mechanical watch requires proper care and maintenance for it to smoothly function for years to come.

Listed below are certain guidelines that can help you protect your precious timepiece and avoid the need of looking for an exceptional expert of watch repair in Littleton, CO. Just follow our lead:


1.  Protecting from Extreme Temperatures

For those heading out for a tropical escapade, which may involve swimming and sunshine, it is better to keep a few pointers in mind. A sudden rise in temperature can cause the rubber seals of your watch to contract easily, which allows water to enter inside a watch. Apart from that, drastic changes in temperature can expose your timepiece to moisture, too. Due to this reason, it is recommended that you take off your watch when you decide to indulge in such activities.

The best way forward is to first check the guidelines of your manufacturer about the degree of heat and cold your watch can tolerate. In case you may not have this information, you need to head over to a reputed service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, to find it out.


2.  Prevent Contact with Water

Saline water has an extremely corrosive effect on a wristwatch. It contains a wealth of particles (salt, algae, soap and minerals) which could prove to be potentially harmful to a watch. It can corrode the metal and cause irreparable damage to your timepiece.

In an event of such an exposure, you should quickly head over to a service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, for a professional clean up. This timely action will save you from costly repairs.


3.  Avoid Physical Damage

Your wristwatch can incur some form of damage since you use your hands for a variety of purposes. This can include accidentally dropping the watch while putting it on, wearing it in sporting activities, an unexpected bump, among other things. Due to this reason, the wheels or the gears inside a watch can break, causing a cessation of function.

In such an event, you should find a well-known expert of watch repair in Littleton, CO, for a thorough physical examination.


4.  Altering Time While Wearing

If you are lucky enough to visit a service known for watch repair in Littleton, CO, notice how the time is adjusted. When you pay attention, you may notice that the professionals have a particular method to do it. Whenever they adjust the timing of a watch, they always do it without wearing on their wrist. This is done because while twisting the crown can cause the winding stem to snap or yield.

Due to this reason, when the next time you adjust your watch, remember to take it off the wrist and adjust the timing while holding it. Make it a habit and you may save yourself the trouble of replacing the stem in the future.


5.  Contact with Foreign Chemicals

In the case of fine luxury timepieces, they are protected from exposure to harsh chemicals, but it doesn’t make them necessarily invincible. This is why you need to ensure that your precious watch doesn’t come in contact with alcoholic-oriented products, detergents, acidic elements, cosmetics and fragrances for that matter.

In an event of an exposure of this nature, you should expect a hefty repair bill from a well-reputed service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, since damage can be caused to leather strap/bracelet, bezel markings or its case.


6.  Excessively Tightening the Crown

You need to treat your watch very delicately. There is no need of applying additional force on the crown of a watch. Giving it an extra push is a big no-no since it can result in a damaged stem. A rule of thumb for watch enthusiasts is to avoid exerting needless force to turn the crown.

It is prudent to visit a well-known watch repair in Littleton, CO, and take some initial guidelines about tightening the watch. This friendly advice will be free of cost.


7.  Overlooking Leather Straps

It is commonly observed that a significant amount of TLC (tender loving care) is often given to the wristwatch, but the leather straps are often victims of neglect. Early signs of deterioration of the strap are due to exposure to cosmetics, water, sunlight, humidity as well as a range of oil-based products. In most cases, the leather strap shows a sign of discoloration. In order to circumvent this, use a soft cloth to dry it off whenever an accidental exposure occurs.

But fret not if such an exposure does occur. All you need to do is just reach out to a well-known service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, which will have a big collection of leather straps at the ready. Simply choose one that fits best.


8.  Failing to Clean the Timepiece

It is important to clean up your precious timepiece on a regular basis. Wearing it daily expose it to stains, oils, dust and a variety of foreign objects that can easily give it a worn-out look. It is something that you can do yourself and only needs 4-5 minutes per week. By doing so, you retain the original look of your timepiece and its strap.

On the other hand, you might prefer getting it cleaned from a renowned service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, that will do a professional job compared to you. More so, such services tend to follow a quality protocol which ensures a stellar service that guarantees customer satisfaction.



Following these aforementioned guidelines will help you in protecting your watch successfully for years to come.


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