Why Would You Need to Look for a Watch Repair in Englewood, CO?

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Quartz timepieces are well-renowned for their amazing accuracy and some even prefer it over their mechanical counterparts. Nevertheless, they are still susceptible to damage and require care in order to keep it functioning smoothly in the long run.

To your advantage, quartz watches are relatively simpler to repair when compared to their mechanical counterparts. In a worst-case scenario, when all else fails, you can simply replace the entire movement.

Though it is highly advised that you only allow certified repairing professionals to repair your watch, you still need to know a bit about your own quartz watch before looking for a watchmaker in the area.


Common Failures Observed in Quartz Watches

Even though it is quite difficult to completely understand the science and dynamics of the quartz timepieces, it is relatively easy to understand the common causes of their failure to function.

In this article, we have examined some common reasons due to which a quartz watch fails to function. Knowing about them will help you in pinpointing the root cause of a malfunction. Rest assured, as you will notice below, these issues have fairly easy solutions, too.

Repairing a quartz-based timepiece is pretty common. In case you need to get your quartz watch repaired, simply head over to a trained and certified expert of watch repair in Englewood, CO. Let’s examine the various causes of failure:


1.  Exposure to Water

Quartz and mechanical watches share some common ground. They are both highly vulnerable to water. Exposure to it results in slow corrosion of the metal. On the other hand, saline water is even more corrosive than fresh water.

To your advantage, saltwater can be cleaned off with fresh warm water subsequent to an accidental exposure. Just rotate the bezel several times in order to prevent salt from building up inside which can later cause corrosion.

Condensation is a clear-cut sign of presence of water inside a watch. If you notice the crystal showing minute droplets of water/dew, then it means that your watch has now lost its resistance to water. It is also a tell-tale sign of a chain reaction of damage that is yet to come.

Any decent professional of watch repair in Englewood, CO, can deal with a quartz watch that was accidentally exposed to water.


2.  Replacing Tuning Fork Crystal

This is the unlikeliest and rarest of reasons of malfunctioning in a quartz watch. It can be either caused by an extreme shift in temperature or due to a hard bump. But to your benefit, these tuning forks are never repaired, they are simply replaced since they are inexpensive. However, after a replacement, the quartz watch may be slightly off by only a few minutes each month.

In an unlikely event, if you need to replace your tuning fork crystal, simply have it changed by a service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, especially known for its expertise with quartz timepieces.


3.  Oxidation in the Battery Region

This is very commonplace in quartz watches and it is quite easy to repair, too. When you take it to an experienced service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, it will simply remove the affected parts of the timepiece, clean it and return it to you. The corroded metals are cleaned and polished using a polishing paste which enables it to function properly as before.


4.  Mechanical Failure

Quartz watches are also susceptible to mechanical failures. These failures often occur due to accumulation of dirt, dust and exposure to moisture which results in inaccurate timekeeping.

An expert service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, will follow a standard cleaning protocol. The service will first disassemble the watch, clean all the movements from the inside and conduct a pressure test to ensure all inlets are sealed off.


5.  Partial Display

This is commonly observed when a quartz watch experiences an extreme shock. It could occur due to accidental dropping, a hard knock on its surface, stepping on it mistakenly or if something heavy drops on it.

When an extreme shock occurs, the digital display crashes which allows air to enter and damage the conductive liquid. This repair is an extremely costly one.

In an unfortunate event when this occurs, you should simply dispose your watch and purchase a new one from an exceptional service of watch repair in Englewood, CO.


6.  Partial Digits and Letters

In event when the watch suffers a shock from a hard hit, its internal circuitry is damaged. Apart from that, it is also likely the contact points have corroded. In this case, the contact points of the digital display are not receiving the adequate power from the power source.

Before heading off to a well-reputed service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, first gauge the market value of your watch. If your timepiece is a low or mid-end model, it’s prudent to purchase a new watch since its repair will be equally costly. But for a high-end model, you should opt for repair since it is still less than actual price of the watch.


7.  Defected Coil and Electrical Failure

The coil in this case is the same coil that is used to power up a step motor. This particular motor is quite delicate since it is thinner than an average human hair. This coil can be easily damaged when a screwdriver grazes it or a fingernail touches it. It usually occurs when an amateur attempt to replace the battery. It is always replaced, never repaired.

Electrical failures are also as rare as the tuning fork crystal, but in an unfortunate event it occurs, you may need to replace the entire circuit board.

For both types of repairing issues, you need to find a certified and trained professional of watch repair in Englewood, CO, which has prior experience of repairing quartz watches. Do keep in mind that any amateur attempts at repairing a quartz watch can result in paying a price you wish you didn’t have.



Now that you are fully acquainted with the common failures associated with quartz timepieces, you are better-positioned to find a suitable service for watch repair in Englewood, CO, for a high-quality service that you are satisfied with.


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