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The name Rolex is renowned across the world, synonymous with quality, prestige and longevity. These timepieces have been crafted to reach the peaks of the highest mountains and plummet to the ocean’s depths. That said, it’s not indestructible, and you’ll need to take it to a watch repair service from time to time.

A faulty gasket might cause water to seep in, age could cause the internal components to wear down or you may just want to get your Submariner checked over. Of course, Rolex works tirelessly to minimize any issues, which is exemplified by the fact they raised watch repair service intervals to 10 years in 2015. Postage and insurance can significantly increase the costs of sending your Submariner from Highlands Ranch, CO, to Rolex, so you may be better off using an independent watch repair specialist, such as Matheu’s Fine Watches.

What Happens During Watch Repair?

When sending your precious timepiece for a check-up, you must make sure a trusted service center carries out the task. Once you send off your watch, you can expect it back within a few weeks. With such a high-quality example of engineering, you’ll only need to get your watch repaired every five to 10 years. If you’re not worried about pinpoint accuracy with its timekeeping, you may choose to get it serviced less frequently. Some of the processes that take place during routine repair include:

  • The specialist takes the watch apart to inspect the condition of each part. If they identify harmful wear or damage, they will replace the component.
  • All gaskets and casing are thoroughly checked to ensure they’re watertight.
  • They meticulously clean dust, corrosion and oil from the bracelet and case.
  • Often, they install a brand new mainspring to restore the performance to factory standards.
  • The bracelet and case are polished to eliminate scratches while striving to maintain the Rolex’s original finish.
  • Your Submariner is then reassembled and put through stringent tests. The technician ensures its timekeeping is perfectly accurate, and the watch is entirely waterproof.

Which Components Typically Require Watch Repair Services?

Regularly wearing your watch means its constantly in motion, ticking away to keep time all day and night reliably. Like any machine, frequent use can lead to everyday wear and tear. If it’s not taken care of, it could become prone to failure.

The heart of an automatic Rolex is the balance staff where the balance wheel is mounted. Winding the watch automatically leads to constant pushing and pulling of the balance wheel, which can wear down the balance staff over time. If you happen to knock or drop your watch, the balance staff might slip or break.

Rolex has evolved production of their mainsprings in recent years, crafting them from resilient materials that don’t wear down as quickly. Nevertheless, the mainspring is one of the few parts of your Submariner that is guaranteed to wear down eventually. Once it does fail, it can damage other components in your watch, so getting it serviced at the recommended intervals is vital.

You don’t need to get too caught up in worry about individual parts. As long as you take good care of your watch and seek watch repair services when necessary, it should all run like clockwork!

Could Your Submariner Be Magnetized?

Some of the biggest threats to your Rolex are magnetic fields. A multitude of everyday items, such as speakers, microwaves and radio waves projects these fields. Your timepiece is made almost entirely of metal, including integral components, such as the balance spring. When these pick up a magnetic charge, it can end up running slightly faster than it should.

Certain Rolex models have magnetic shielding, which protects them against magnetization. The Submariner doesn’t have this, so it has the potential to pick up a magnetic charge. You can confirm if this has happened using apps or even just a compass. If it is magnetized, you can bring it into a watch repair service provider and get it demagnetized.

Rolex Built the Submariner to Last

Even Ferraris, superyachts and bespoke suits require maintenance, and the upkeep can be incredibly costly. A timepiece such as the Rolex Submariner requires maintenance but will cost you much less than the possessions mentioned above. This durability is part of the reason why the model has endured for so many years. It’s a sporting watch that is built to last.

The Submariner’s oyster case, screw-down crown and tough sapphire crystal allow it to endure submersion at depths of up to 100 meters.

How to Keep Your Rolex Clean

As a long-term owner of this fine watch, there are a couple of steps you can take to ensure it stays in top condition for as long as possible.

Simply Wipe Down the Watch Head

Some people might advise dunking the watch head in water or, even worse, soapy water. Although it can withstand submersion in water, we wouldn’t recommend trying to clean the watch head yourself. The official Rolex website suggests a cloth to wipe off any grease or debris is all you’ll need to keep it clean.

Rather than taking the risk of cleaning the watch head yourself, leave it to a reputable watch repair service.

Get an Ultrasonic Cleaner

The bracelet part of your watch is in frequent contact with your skin, so it’s more likely to need cleaning regularly. With an ultrasonic cleaner, you fill it with water and add a little soap, set it for three minutes and place the detached watch bracelet inside. The vibrations from the ultrasonic cleaner reach all the crevices between the links and inside the clasp. Always ensure you detach the head from the strap as the vibrations could damage the mechanisms.

Watch Repair in Highlands Ranch, CO

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