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You may have an incredibly luxurious and stylish watch that you value a lot despite owning it for several years. In other cases, you may have a watch that you received as a gift from your significant other, a relative, or a friend. As a result, you likely have an emotional attachment to that kind of a watch, and you always take good care of it to make sure it lasts a very long time. This means you would want it fixed by a professional in case of a minor or significant malfunction.

When you have a professional watch repair, Denver, CO service provider, they will expertly look into the issue and provide reliable services. Besides, taking time out of your busy schedule to take your watch to a professional means you value your precious timepiece. That’s why Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry has a knowledgeable team that offers top-notch watch services in several authorized centers.

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Common Watch Repairs

While your watch can last for several years, there is a likelihood that it will need repairs one day. Below are some of the different watch types and common issues that might arise.

Quartz Watches

Quartz is a simple watch powered by batteries with relatively simple creations. When these watches stop, you might need to replace the battery. This simple fix will take a few minutes at a watch repair center.

Another common issue that affects quartz watches is the accumulation of dirt and dust which can stop the pushers and buttons from working correctly. This can easily affect the watch mechanism, so it could be time to seek help from a specialist.

Your digital display can also turn black, making it impossible to see the numbers after dropping your watch or after a severe shock. This damages the conductive fluid, and you will need a specialist to make the repairs. In other cases, the digital display may stop working, but the hands work and vice versa. Whichever problem you are experiencing, a watch expert can open up the back, evaluate the issue, and fix it.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches have a more complex mechanism. A typical automatic watch can have an average of 130 moving parts, and others such as Rolex watches have approximately 220 parts. If one of these parts isn’t pulling its weight or is out of sync, it can negatively affect the working mechanism of your mechanical watch.

Watch running issues are also common in mechanical watches. Dropping these watches can lead to breakage in one of the wheels or axles. Also, if you don’t wear your automatic, self-winding watch consistently, it may need a replacement of the mainspring because it becomes worn over time due to inadequate power.

Your watch may also run fast due to a problem with the hairspring. This can happen when internal lubricant makes it stick or when you drop the watch. Any dysfunction on a mechanical watch will need specialized attention from a professional who understands all the intricate parts and how they work.

Why You Need Professional Watch Repair Service 

Here are some of the reasons why you should take your watch to a repair expert.

Dependable Skills and Tools

You want your timepiece repaired by someone with the right tools and skills for the job. This guarantees that your timepiece will go back to its standard working conditions. Even if you have one of the most current watches on the market, they can comprehend the current designs and make repairs in the shortest time possible. A professional repair service provider also uses high-quality tools to ensure the watch lasts much longer.

The Need to Retain the Original Shape

You expect to get back your watch in its old shape whenever you take it to a repair expert. A watch repair expert will ensure that they don’t damage the original appearance. Even in cases where you would want a modern touch added to your timepiece, an experienced professional will make these additions without meddling with it in any way. In fact, you don’t have to keep an eye on these experts as they perform the repairs because they also value your timepiece.

An Expert Cares About Your Precious Watch

A knowledgeable and skilled individual handles your watch with the highest level of delicateness and care. This way, you don’t have to worry about the delicate parts of your watch that need adequate management. Watch specialists handle everything properly thanks to their competent and skilled hands. They also possess the right skills to examine your wristwatch and identify where the problem is.

Quality Repairs for a Wide Range of Brands

Another major benefit of seeking watch repair services from an expert is that they can fix a wide variety of brands. Therefore, whether you own a Vintage, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, or other luxurious, high-end watch, a repair specialist has got you covered. They can even inform you about the most common cause of malfunction in your timepiece and suggest ways to avoid these issues.

Saves You Money

While you may assume that making watch repairs yourself prevents you from spending money on professional repairs, this isn’t the case. In fact, the cost-benefit of seeking watch repair, in Denver, CO, will likely save you money. Making repairs yourself can turn into a major problem resulting in more costly repairs. A watch expert ensures your time stays in top shape.

Get Professional Watch Repair from Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry

If you happen to notice that your watch is damaged, no matter how minor the issue may seem, never ignore it. Even if it’s still working, don’t assume that your timepiece is still useful because you risk ending its life faster than you expect. Instead, seek assistance from a watch expert in Denver, CO, to fix the problem. Even if it’s just a mere scratch, a repair expert knows the best way to help you out in a fast and safe method.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we have a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen whom you can trust to do a perfect job on your watch. We value your timepiece, and we are committed to keeping it running optimally for years to come. No matter the problem with your watch, we’ll give you the attention you need and provide quality repairs. Reach out to Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for more information about our service and repair services.

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