Watch Repair: Why Your Watch Stopped Working | Vail, CO

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In an ideal world, you’d never have to worry about your watch stopping. But given how many parts make up a quality watch, that’s simply not realistic. Over the life of your watch, you’re almost certain to need watch repair services because your watch has stopped working.

That’s because your watch is made up of several small mechanical pieces that age at different times, and even one of them failing can cause the entire watch to stop. That said, there are several reasons why your watch might stop working, and in most cases, you’re going to need to consult a watch repair expert in Vail, CO to ensure that your watch gets properly fixed. Here are a few possible explanations!

Water Damage

By far one of the biggest risks to your watch is the possibility of water damage. That’s because even the tiniest drop of water getting inside your watch can cause a world of problems for it.

How can one drop of water have that much of an effect on your watch? Simple: your watch is made up of many tiny gears, and a drop of water might be enough to cause any of them to rust. As you’ve probably guessed, a rusty gear can completely throw off the entire watch and require repair services to find and replace the problematic gear.

Here’s another reason to worry: it’s almost impossible for you to completely protect your watch from moisture. Rain can happen at any time of the day, as can the unintentional spill. You can even have moisture enter your watch because of sweat from your arm, especially on a hot day. This is why it’s a good idea to establish a good working relationship with a quality watch repair expert as soon as you purchase a high-quality watch: you never know when you might need their services.

Dead Battery

Along with water damage, a dead battery is easily one of the most common issues that might cause a watch to stop. Of course, not all watches do use a battery, but if yours is in that category, you can plan on replacing the battery about every two years under normal circumstances. If you’re using different features of your watch regularly, you’ll likely drain the battery faster than that.

Regardless of the reason that your battery is dead, it’s important to bring the watch to a watch repair specialist in Vail, CO as soon as you think there might be an issue. There are two reasons for that. First, repair shops have the ability to replace the battery right then and there, and you can quickly get your watch back and work again if you’ve got an expert handling the job.

Second, when you replace a watch battery, there’s always the chance that the battery wasn’t actually the problem with your watch. Unfortunately, the average person usually doesn’t know what they’re doing when they open up a watch, and if you’re in that category, you can do some real damage to your watch while you’re replacing the battery. For this reason, your watch should never be opened by anyone but a trusted watch repair specialist who can easily fix any damage that might come from opening the watch and replacing the battery.

Manufacturing Mistakes

Unfortunately, watch manufacturers are not infallible. It doesn’t happen often because quality control is so strict with high-quality watchmakers, but once in a great while, a mistake might be made inside the watch that’s not visible without taking a long look inside at the watch’s mechanical components.

The good news with a manufacturing error is that this is one issue that won’t cost anything to fix, because the watch manufacturer will be happy to either fix their error or replace the watch if it’s determined that they made a mistake. Most likely, such a mistake will be easily fixed, such as a gear out of position or the wrong part being used. However, you’ll still need to contact a quality watch repair expert in order to figure this out, because you won’t be able to tell if there’s a manufacturer error without getting inside the watch for a look.

Watch Damage

We all want to be as careful as we can with our luxury items, but just like watch manufacturers are human, so too are we. It’s always possible for you to have inadvertently knocked a gear loose in your watch if you accidentally slam your arm into a wall or have it slip while you’re putting it on your wrist.

If damage to the watch is the problem, it’s usually not something to worry about. An experienced watch repair specialist can fix the problem quickly and get the watch back on your wrist, often with fairly minimal repair work.

Exposing a Myth

There’s one common myth out there for unexplained watch issues: an electrical current in a person’s body. Some people who have had issues with their watches have blamed an electrical charge in their body simply because they couldn’t find any cause for why the watch quit working.

But if this were the case, such a person would also have problems either holding a cell phone or typing on a laptop, neither of which are common issues. In all likelihood, a person with unexplained watch issues either has had bad luck with buying watches or has inadvertently bumped their watch and knocked a gear loose. In any case, a watch repair expert can quickly fix the problem.

Regardless of the reason that your watch has stopped, Matheu’s Fine Watches is here to help when a watch runs into problems. We understand how precise one must be when repairing a watch, and our watch repair specialists pride themselves on making repairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s expectations, each and every time. Contact us when you’re in need of repair services; we’ll be sure to get your watch ticking again!