What You Need to Know About Watch Repair Terminology | Parker, CO

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When it comes to getting your watch in the best shape possible there are definitely some terms and phrases that a watch repair person will use that you should absolutely know. Some of these watch repair terms are basic and others are going to be more specific and more important to the repair that your watch needs. Understanding some of these watch repair terms and what they mean for your watch is going to help you communicate with the shop that you take it to. When it comes to your Parker, CO area, you should have no problem getting these under control.

Common Terminology in Watch Repair

Automatic – This is one that you likely already know. It refers to a watch that is wound just by your own motion and wearing the watch. You don’t have to worry about winding it at all, which can make it more convenient for some users.

Bezel – The metal or ceramic ring that goes around the crystal of the watch. It may rotate or contain some type of measurements. It may also be entirely stationary and decorative or somewhere in between to create a more unique look.

Caliber – The movement of the watch is referred to more specifically as caliber. This term may also be used when referring to different model names for the movements that a manufacturer creates. There are many different types of calibers available for watches.

Case – This is what holds the watch’s internal components. This is generally made of some type of metal and features a solid backing to protect the internal components of the watch from harm. The case also extends up and over the sides of the watch to hold the crystal in place inside the bezel.

Crown – The crown is the knob on the side of the watch that you use to wind it in the case of a manual mechanical watch and to set the time in the case of any mechanical watch. This is a very important piece to being able to get the right settings.

Crystal – The crystal is the protective cover over the top of the watch. Some of these are made with acrylic materials. Others might be made with glass or even with sapphire, which is one of the strongest options you’ll find. Each also has additional features and benefits.

Dial – This is where you’re going to see the time or any of the other features that your watch has to offer. This is also referred to as the face of the watch and it’s the part that you probably think about the most, though it’s also the most basic part of the mechanism.

Movement – This is the inner portion of the watch while it’s working. When the watch is ‘activated’ or running it will have a specific type of movement or caliber. This movement will include the mainspring, the escapement, balance wheel and gear train. Each of these must work seamlessly together in order to get the right outcome.

Power Reserve – Your watch is designed to run for a specific amount of time before it runs out of ‘power.’ That’s whether it runs on battery or whether it runs on anything else. This is the amount of time that it can run after being fully wound but without being wound again in the meantime.

Types of Watches You Need Watch Repair for

Chronograph – This type of watch actually has a stopwatch to it as well as the regular watch capabilities. Some of these are quartz, some are mechanical and some are technically both. You activate it in the way you would assume for a stopwatch, by pressing the buttons on the sides of the case.

Chronometer – This type of watch is actually tested by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. The testing process requires a great deal of work and a great deal of time to make sure it’s done properly, but it lets you know more about the quality of the watch.

Dive Watch – This type of watch is designed to be taken into the water. It’s water resistant and capable of being in the water to a larger depth than other watches. It’s also designed to be kept in the water for longer periods of time without damage.

Flyback Chronograph – This type of watch actually lets you reset it without having to stop the stopwatch function. That’s an important trait for those who need to be able to keep track of several different things at once. You don’t want to constantly reset your timer, after all.

Hybrid Smartwatch – This type of watch is analog but features some additional smart functions. It might be able to track different things or it might be able to send you notifications from your smartphone. These are starting to become more and more popular among watch enthusiasts.

Quartz – This can refer to a specific piece inside the watch but usually it’s used to refer to a type of watch. A quartz watch is one that is battery-powered. This battery uses electricity and a quartz crystal to provide the right movement for the watch.

Rattrapante Chronograph – This type of chronograph gives you a second seconds hand and a second pusher. That means you’ll be able to record two different times at the same time. This can be useful for those who have specific tasks that need to be recorded separately.

If you’re in need of any form of watch repair you want to make sure you have the right shop to take care of it. The watch repair shop that you talk to should be able to help you figure out just what it is that your watch needs and how to get it. So, if you’re looking for watch repair in Parker, CO, you should be talking to the professionals at Matheus Fine Watches. We’ll make sure that any watch repair you need is taken care of quickly and that it’s done properly. Not only that but we’ll explain everything so you know exactly what we’re doing and why.