When to Find an Expert of Watch Repair in Castle Rock, CO

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On an average, Americans expend $5 billion on wristwatches yearly. Many individuals are passionate about collecting these timepieces. Whether you aspire to own a collection of wristwatches or invest in one of a kind timepiece, you need to do your homework first.

Purchasing branded watches is a great option since as they are long lasting and quite attractive.

However, regardless of the brand in question, every watch undergoes some age-old issues. Due to this reason, you will need to be prepared for these repair issues when they arise in the future.

As is the case, even the finest quality of wristwatches tend to experience mechanical issues at times. To resolve them, you need to know an expert service of watch repair, which can deal with it professionally and timely.

Listed below are some of the common wristwatch faults for which you may need the assistance of a professional company for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO:


Watch Has Ceased to Function

Watch owners rely on their timepieces on a daily basis. Many of them often take the functionality of their watches for granted until it fails to function one fine day. When such a thing happens, it is time to pay attention to the battery.

When the watch battery drains out, the entire watch ceases to operate. On an average, batteries of watches can last for at least 2 years. Quartz watches can last for 4 years easily.

You may need to find a technician of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, for quickly replacing the battery. Any delay on your part can cost you dearly.


Watch Works When It Is Off the Wrist

In some cases, you may have noticed that your watch works perfectly when it is off the wrist. Why is that? It can be extremely frustrating since a watch owner cannot wear his own watch.

The issue lies in the electric circuitry of the timepiece.

Due to rising temperature, the electric circuit inside your wristwatch tends to malfunction a bit. This issue needs to be resolved immediately since it worsens with time. Whenever this happens, it is time to look for a reputable professional of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO.


Skipping Second Hand

Oftentimes, the watch owners notice that second hand of their wristwatch starts to skip forward regularly. To your disadvantage, it results in inaccurate timekeeping and can be increasingly frustrating for an individual.

Yet again, this happens due to a bad battery only. In case your watch contains electronic circuits, the second hand of the watch starts to move faster when the battery is nearing the conclusion of its lifespan.

All you need to do is find a service for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, to replace the battery. It will hardly take 5 minutes at the most.


Battery Life of a Chronograph

For some wristwatch enthusiasts, purchasing one quality timepiece matters a lot to them. Given that these watches are relatively pricier than the conventional ones, they are well worth the money.

This issue can be resolved by turning off the chronograph when it is not used. If a chronograph is on, it consumes battery, which results in premature drainage of the battery.

However, for the uninitiated, they may notice that their watch has stopped all of a sudden. Do not fret. Just look for a certified and experienced company that is reputed for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, and get your battery replaced.


Alarm Fails to Work

Some of the old-school watch owners still rely on the alarm clock on their wristwatches. At times, you may have noticed that the alarm has stopped working properly even though you just changed the battery. If that’s the case, then there are two possibilities.

In one case, the contact spring is improperly in place, due to which the alarm is disabled. In other case, the watchcase is affixed incorrectly. These are issues, which can only be solved by a seasoned professional of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO.


Faulty Buttons

Every wristwatch has push buttons, which performs multiple functions. With the passage of time, these buttons start to become less responsive than before which is often due to build-up of corrosion and dirt.

Watch repair professionals are experts at thoroughly cleaning the watches. Once in a year clean up of the watch is more than enough to prevent this problem. Prior to selecting a service for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, you need to be sure that it is certified and has sound industry experience.


Rechecking the Waterproofness

It is advised that you check the waterproofness of the watch from an expert service of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO. You need to get the mechanism proofed after every 5 years or so. In this way, you can circumvent many of the problems, which could occur. When damage does happen, take it off and never ever shake it to make it work.

Instead, take the watch to a professional watchmaker and avoid experimenting with it.


Dust and Dirt Are Affecting the Mechanism

This issue often occurs when the wristwatch is not cleaned for a long, long time. In such a case, a service is mandatory to be undertaken. In a routine watch service, the components of a watch are separated.  Then they are thoroughly cleaned and oiled.

The costs involved in such a case are greatly dependent on the brand and type of watch in question. As a general rule of thumb, the more complex the watch mechanism, the more pricey it is.

Keeping this in mind, when you go about looking for a seasoned professional for watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, make sure that the service is certified, trained and well able to deal with your type of watch.



A well-kept timepiece defines a man and your wristwatch symbolizes you as a person. So, follow these tips and tricks and you are covered.


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