Signs You Need Rolex Watch Repair | Littleton, CO

When you buy a Rolex watch, you are buying a timeless watch that will likely age with you. With any luck, you and the watch will age gracefully together or at least as well as a fine wine. Unlike smartwatches which have become the modern trend, you won’t need to upgrade your Rolex watch if you take good care of it. It will stay by your side and offer excellent performance and excellent waterproofing capabilities for at least half of your life, if not more. Some people never buy another watch after their first Rolex, but for this to happen, you need to keep up with your Rolex watch repair in Littleton, CO.

Unlike other watches, you probably won’t have to worry about Rolex watch repair too often. Most Rolex watches only require you to have them serviced every eight to ten years or when a problem arises. This is great for watch owners who don’t want to be bothered with watch repair or regular service appointments, but it can sometimes make it hard to remember to get your watch looked at.

After all, when you only need to have your watch serviced once every decade, it is something that can, unfortunately, get ignored. In fact, it is easy to forget that your watch even needs to be looked at, which is why many people don’t end up getting their Rolex watch serviced until they have a problem. While we always recommend that our customers in Littleton, CO stick to their service schedule as much as possible, if you tend to be one of those people who forgets about it, you need to at least know the signs you need Rolex watch repair.

If you know that something is wrong with your Rolex, you will want to get it back into the shop before too much damage is done. At that time, most watch shops will also inspect your watch and take care of your routine service appointment if you request them to. Sometimes if you need Rolex watch repair close to the same time, you should tell the repairer, and they can take care of the service and the repair at the same time. Most people find this incredibly convenient because they won’t have to worry about it again for another decade.

Not sure whether or not it is time for your service or if you need Rolex watch repair? Most watches will not simply stop working, although that is definitely a sign that you need repair. Usually, they slow down or show other signs of not working first. Any sign that your watch is not working correctly is a sign that you should pay attention to because the inside of your Rolex is very complex. There are dozens of small interlocking pieces hidden inside your movement. The goal is to fix a malfunctioning piece before damaging others in an expensive and extensive domino effect. That said, here are some of the top signs that you need Rolex watch repair that you should be paying attention to.

Your Watch Isn’t Keeping Time

If it seems like your watch is behind a minute or two, then there is a good chance something is wrong with your watch’s movement. Rolex watches are carefully made to keep exact time, and there is no real explanation for a watch that won’t keep time. If you notice that your watch is failing to keep up with things, then it is time to find a Littleton, CO, shop to take a look at your watch. It may be a simple issue with your battery or may require some parts to be replaced, but it can be hard to tell until a qualified jeweler has the movement open.

It is Difficult to Adjust

It shouldn’t be too hard to move the gears on the side of your Rolex watch. There are many different makes and models of Rolex watches, so the gears and the functions they are supposed to perform can differ depending on what you own. However, regardless of the function, all gears should be easy to rotate and respond appropriately. If you find that adjustments are becoming increasingly troublesome, it is time to seek our Rolex watch repair to figure out what is going on.

Your Watch is Vintage

If you own a vintage Rolex and cannot remember the last time you had it serviced, do yourself a favor and go ahead and make an appointment for Rolex watch repair. Vintage Rolexs are works of art, but they are also older, making them more likely to break and sustain internal damage. A vintage Rolex needs to be carefully preserved, and that means having the movement occasionally cleaned to remove decades of stored dust and grime. Plus, there is a good chance the watch needs to be lubricated, which is extremely important if you don’t want any other components to break down.

You Notice Moisture in the Case

Any sign of moisture inside the case, from a slight fog to actual dots of moisture that you can see, demands an immediate appointment for watch repair. Moisture should never get inside your case and is a sign that it is not currently waterproof. It also can quickly lead to rust in your movement, which can spread and wipe out many intricate components of your watch. You need to have this situation taken care of quickly to preserve the integrity of your watch. If you have been in saltwater, it is even more critical that you promptly seek help.

Concerned that it is time for Rolex watch repair in Littleton? Bring your watch down to Matheu’s Fine Watches, and our fine team will take care of it and restore its condition.

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