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A beautiful, quality watch is an investment piece. If taken care of, your watch can last you a lifetime and be passed down as a family heirloom to others. If you purchased a TAG Heuer watch, you will also need to think about TAG Heuer watch repair. To make sure your watch lasts as long as it’s meant to, check out this complete guide on luxury watch repair.

Stick to Brand Specific Repair Shops

Whenever possible, try to match your repair shop to the brand of your watch. If the repair shop advertises that they work on your brand of watch, it’s more likely that they will understand the complexities of your watch. So, if you purchased a TAG Heuer watch, find a TAG Heuer watch repair shop. For anyone in Highlands Ranch, CO, Matheu’s Fine Watches offers TAG Heuer watch repair.

Regular Maintenance Versus Watch Repairs

Every once in a while, your watch will start glitching, and that will be the sign that it needs repairing. However, this shouldn’t be the extent of your watch care. It’s generally recommended you take in your watch for regular maintenance every three to five years. Watches naturally deteriorate in their operating capabilities over time and with regular use. Frequent maintenance allows the shop to catch small problems before they turn into significant (and more expensive) issues.

TAG Heuer watches can last a long time, but you should prioritize getting TAG Heuer watch repairs and maintenance as needed.

Quartz Watches Versus Mechanical Watches

Most people are specific in their watch preferences: they’re either a quartz watch man or a mechanical watch man. Either way, both types of watches act differently when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are the more affordable option and are much more common. These watches are simple and relatively easy to fix. Typically, when a quartz watch acts up, it’s due to a battery issue. A battery issue is usually a simple replacement job. Otherwise, quartz watches sometimes have their buttons and dials stop working. This is a more complicated procedure and first requires a full diagnosis of the problem to ensure there aren’t any other outstanding problems.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are much more expensive and sophisticated, as they can be made up of hundreds of pieces. Typically, the owner will notice their watch is running too slow or too fast. This is often a symptom of a lack of upkeep on regular maintenance. Unfortunately, fixing mechanical watches can be quite tricky and complicated. Take your watch to a repair shop to understand if you’ll need a full or partial repair.

How to Find the Right Repair Shop

Many high-end brands will recommend you take the watch back to them for repairs. This is absolutely not necessary and is often an overpriced option. You don’t have to go to the TAG Heuer retailer to find TAG Heuer watch repair. Instead, find a local and reputable watch repair shop in your area that has experience handling the brand of watch you own.

Before deciding on a shop, make sure to:

  • Look at their reviews online
  • Look at their background and experience
  • Look at the brands and types of watches they typically repair. If you have a TAG Heuer watch, you will need a shop that can accommodate TAG Heuer watch repair
  • Ask about their certifications

In Highlands Ranch, CO, Matheu’s Fine Watches specializes in Swiss brands of watches, including Heuer watch repair. Other brands Matheu’s Fine Watches works on include Breitling, Oris, Raymond Weil, Hamilton, Michele, Tissot, Swiss Army, Luminox, Citizen, Pre-Owned Swiss, and Pre-Owned Rolex. Additionally, all the technicians at Matheu’s Fine Watches are CW21 Certified by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), SAWTA, and Omega OWME 1120.

Make sure to ask detailed questions before handing your watch over. Ask the watch repair shop to update you on what the issue is, how much it will cost to fix it, and what they will have to do to fix it. You should understand that watch repair isn’t simple and you don’t always have to opt for the quick and cheap option. Yes, it may be a replacement job, but the watch should thoroughly be dismantled, cleaned, and examined before deciding what work is required. This is a complicated process and is a service in itself.

Pro Tip: Get a Watch Winder

It’s important to remember to maintain your automatics even if you don’t wear your watch often. You should manually wind your watches every four to five days to ensure the oils in the watch don’t dry out and cause internal issues. Invest in a watch winder to make this process as easy as possible (especially if you own several watches that require winding).

The Big Debate: At Home Care

Depending on who you ask in the watch industry, you may get different answers about at home watch care. For example, Rolex encourages its customers to gently clean their watches with a soft brush, a cloth, and soap water. However, other brands disagree. Many advise that all cleaning should be reserved for watch repair shops to avoid damages and mistakes. Additionally, attempts into at-home cleaning or repairs can make manufacturer warranties void. Leave the cleaning and repairs to the experts.

For anyone with a TAG Heuer watch, skip the at-home attempts, and find a reputable shop that offers TAG Heuer watch repair.

Matheu’s Fine Watches Offers TAG Heuer Watch Repair

For anyone in the Highlands Ranch, CO area, Matheu’s Fine Watches offers TAG Heuer watch repair, as well as watch repair for many other Swiss brands. The watchmakers are factory trained and hold both the CW21 certification from the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) and the Omega OWME 1120. Additionally, the experts at Matheu’s Fine Watches keep up with the latest technology and equipment in the field of watchmaking so they can always provide high-quality services. Book a consultation for your watch repair today.