6 Occasions Where You Need an Expert of Watch Repair in Castle Rock, CO!

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Timepieces are an extension of your personality. They signify our values, sentiments and choices. As time passes, a watch undergoes wear and tear. It loses its original charm. This where watch maintenance comes in handy.

Before you go about looking for an expert service of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, it is imperative to be fully aware of the inner movements of the watch. This will make you better equipped to handle issues when they arise. Regardless of how many watches you presently own, some pointers apply to all of them. Let’s get to it:


1.    Is the Movement Quartz or Mechanical?

It is important to know if the movement of your current timepiece is mechanical-based or quartz-based. As is the case, the modern quartz timepieces are almost maintenance-free, but the electronic movement is just as delicate and susceptible to damage. Due to this reason, even the process of battery replacement of a quartz wristwatch should be left for professional watch repairmen.

The mechanical movements require cleaning and oiling after every 3 to 5 years, which makes certain of its accuracy.

To this end, you need to find an authorized service of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, to give you a professional opinion on the ins and outs of your wristwatch.


2.    Needless Winding of the Mechanical Timepiece

A common mistake made by new watch owners is winding the watch while it is on the wrist. It is a huge no-no and it ends up damaging the watch. Be that as it may, a mechanical watch is quite durable and robust, but it is susceptible to damage in some cases.

Using the crown, the watch is wound normally, but be sure to stop immediately when a slight resistance is felt. If you wound the watch forcefully, you will inadvertently damage the watch from the inside.

To learn how to use a crown, you should visit an experienced and certified firm that deals in watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, and take some pointers.


3.    Select the Watch Repair Facility Carefully

It is highly inadvisable to take your prized possession to one of those typical ‘fast fix shops’ at the shopping mall. You should keep in mind that your timepiece is a precision instrument and a certified watchmaker who repairs it, has years of training and experience before he works in a high-end watch repair facility.

This is why it is so important to look for a certified, licensed and experienced entity of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, because they bring years of experience and reliability to the table. Rest assured, your watch will be in safe hands.


4.    Water-resistant and Water-proof are Different Concepts

Yes. You read that correctly. Unless your wristwatch is not one which is worn by professional divers, it is wise to keep it at an arm’s length from the water. Over time, the gaskets of a watch which maintain the water resistance tends to become brittle and dry and thus require a replacement during service. When the gasket of the case and watch’s rear becomes dry, the timepiece is no longer watertight. Therefore, if you accidentally take a shower, go for a swim or do the dishes with the watch on, you are inviting costly repairs.

If you do not have a product manual, it is advisable to head over to a professional watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, and ask about the water-resistance rating of your current watch.


5.    Wear the Watch Daily

You would be a little surprised to know that a watch that is not in use, is more susceptible to damage than one which is not. A lot of timepieces are often damaged since they are kept in a drawer for long periods of time. The mechanism inside the wristwatch requires motion which keeps the lubricants moving throughout the machinery. When a watch is unused, the lubricants dry up and this creates friction between the mechanical components. This damage is applicable on both mechanical and quartz timepieces.

Wear the wristwatch on a regular basis and you may not need to look for a service provider of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, for at least a few years.


6.    Maintain its Cleanliness

The bracelet and case of your priceless possession is susceptible to saline water and range of chemicals. The straps and plated dials can also be impacted by direct exposure to perfumes and cosmetics. In an unfortunate event, your chronometer has been exposed to these aforementioned substances, take a moist cloth and dry it gently. Same goes for the strap which is wet due to perspiration. After cleaning, leave it under a ceiling fan or a ventilated space.

Head over to a renowned company of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, and order them to do a cleaning after a year, just to be on the safe side.


7.    Miscellaneous Issues

Remember to avoid placing your watch in an airtight container when it is wet. Also, keep it away from bright sunlight and extreme temperatures. In such a case, the strap of the watch and dial fades over time. If you have accidentally scratched your watch, a licensed facility of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, will be able to polish it and restore it to its original condition.

Other than that, your wristwatch is vulnerable to extreme heat and cold. The case of the watch expands when it is exposed to heat, allowing moisture to enter through the smallish cracks. Routine service can do away with these issues.



Now that we have covered the basic issues of a quartz and mechanical watch, you need to make sure that the service of watch repair in Castle Rock, CO, which you shortlist should have in-house professionals. This will ensure that you receive your watch relatively faster with a service that meets your expectations. Follow these guidelines and we assure you that your wristwatch keeps running for years without a hiccup.


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