9 Rookie Mistakes Made by Services of Watch Repair in Englewood, CO!

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Regardless of the watch repairing service being a new one, a hobbyist one or fully professional one, there are certain tells that can distinguish an experienced watch repairing service from an inexperienced one.

For your benefit, listed below are some of these basic mistakes made by services of watch repair in Englewood, CO, that will give you ample sense of their expertise in the industry.


1.     Brainstorming Prices Instantly

When you demand a quote on the service you require from a watch repairing outfit, the standard protocol is to charge an agreed upon amount for each particular service. The business should have trained their employees in evaluating the timepieces on the spot. This results in thorough professionalism and a show of self-belief in services provided by the business. Nothing is more embarrassing than a price quoted by an employee which differs to price stated by another employee later.

If you happen to notice this practice in a business that provides services of watch repair in Englewood, CO, you should steer clear of it categorically.


2.     Stating the Price Orally

It is well-known and accepted fact in psychology. People are suspicious of what they hear and instantly believe something written. For instance, a customer is told a price which they deem to be too expensive, they might haggle over it, but they may quickly give in when the price sheet is laid out in front of them. In any case otherwise, you set a bad precedent and undervalue your craft and time.

If you notice a service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, following this practice, you should instantly discard all other options and choose this one.



3.     Assuming Customers Are Sensitive to Increase Prices

Customers head over to a shop because they trust it. They bring their prized possession because they adore them and would like to wear them for a long period of time. People who stare at priceless jewelry outside the shop may not definitely follow them, but people who enter a shop for repair have made their mind to pay without a second thought.

If a service is charging too low for a repair, then it means that it is looking to channelize the market and is focused more on building trust with its clients. If you come across this kind of service of watch repair in Englewood, CO, then be sure to pass this one.


4.     Calling Back Again with an Estimate

Regardless of the nature of the repair at hand, professionals always state the price of repair upfront, without any hesitation. This is because of years of experience and trained eyes that instantly pinpoint the root of the issue. While the watch owner is inside your shop, the watch is of paramount importance in his mind. Calling back a client at home or an hour later for that matter creates an air of distrust and unprofessionalism.

If you happen to be called later on when you have given your watch for repair, then you should retract the watch from this inexperienced firm that deals in watch repair in Englewood, CO.


5.     Incorrect Initial Assessment

At times, the repair may look simple enough and pretty straightforward, but once the work on it starts, it soon becomes apparent that the charges stated should have been a bit more justifiable. Therefore, the true professionals take in consideration every aspect of the repair job and then relay the price of repair. If the charges are revised at a later stage, it simply creates mistrust among the consumers and puts the business in a precarious position.

Businesses that revise their costs at a later stage simply are not worth your time and should off the list from trustworthy companies for watch repair in Englewood, CO.


6.     Assuming the Capacity of a Customer

A Hollywood writer once said: “If you assume, you make an ass out of u and me”. This applies to the watch repairing business just as well. For instance, a customer enters your shop with an inexpensive watch and after examination, the watch repairmen realize that its repair could easily buy off another watch of the same model right now. A wristwatch has sentimental attachment and the sole concern of a repairmen should be to repair.

Confidence is key here and notice the eyes and facial expressions of the repairmen who are charging the price of repair. Not many experts of watch repair in Englewood, CO, would be able to showcase a high amount of confidence.


7.     Lack of Rush and Express Service

The customers are always on the lookout for fast-paced service or while-you-wait-service. Many of the usual services charge an extra 50% for express service, means your needs are taken care of first. It has been seen that customers also take advantage of this service and do not mind paying upfront for the required service. Moreover, these shops also have less complaints on an average.

So, before you finalize your candidate for watch repair in Englewood, CO, ask them about express service/rush service. If they answer in affirmative, it means they have been in business for quite some time.


8.     Withholding Information about Warranty

When you go about looking for a business that provides you with services of watch repair in Englewood, CO, it is important to demand for a warranty of their services. This means if the repair service messes it up, you can order a free of charge service. This actually shows confidence of the company and it is there as a formality because stellar service does not really require a rework at all. Therefore, you should first inquire the company about its warranty policy and if the company does not have one yet, discard it.


Final Word

These are the dos and don’ts which you need to keep in mind if you need a repair job on your watch. Keeping these in mind will help you shortlist the right candidate for the job.


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