8 Dos and Don’ts of Owning a Watch | Watch Repair in Parker, CO

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Owning a wristwatch is nothing short of personal achievement. It is important to learn about the ins and outs of proper care and related procedures. Following these guarantees the longevity of a watch. The care of an automatic watch is of paramount importance because it is a long-term investment.

Now that we are talking about the subject of repairs, listed below are vital tips and tricks for your prized possession which will guarantee that you keep an arm’s length from any certified company for watch repair in Parker, CO.

Without further ado, let’s get started:


1.    Wipe it Daily

This applies to both men’s and women’s watches. Cleaning and maintenance of the watch is common knowledge among the watch owners. To your benefit, this keeps it bright and shiny. It helps to remove dirt and dust of the wristwatch’s dial, strap and bracelet. The process differs for water-resistant watches and those which are not.

For the watches which are not water-resistant, use a soft, moist cloth and wipe the entire watch with it. Be gentle and do not press that hard. For a waterproof watch, mix some soap in water and clean the watch with a soft cloth/brush.

If you are unsure about how to go about it, visit a nearby service of watch repair in Parker, CO, and they will show how the pros do it.


2.    Take Off the Watch Before a Shower

Common knowledge among the wristwatch aficionados, it is recommended that you take off your timepiece when you are about to hit the shower. Even if your watch is water-resistant, you never know if your prized possession is capable of handling the air or the hot temperature of the water.

The heat can expand the gaskets the and it relaxes the seals, allowing easy access for water. Initially, the damage may not be overly apparent until you start to notice fog on a daily basis. Fog will be complemented by other malfunctions as well.

If you experience these issues, be sure to immediately head over to an experienced entity for watch repair in Parker, CO, to prevent any further damage.


3.    Keep it Boxed (when not in use)

Yes, that is right. The box of a wristwatch is there for a reason. It is basically an isolated environment for watch to prevent it from atmospheric conditions and other elements that can damage its condition.

After wearing it for a full day, it is time to put it back gently inside the box. Be gentle with the watch because rough usage can easily scratch it, making it burdensome to look for a certified professional of watch repair in Parker, CO. In case if your watch is scratched, you should look for a service that has in-house professionals. This will ensure quick delivery of the timepiece.


4.    Regular Watch Servicing

You would be surprised to know that even the most high-end of wristwatches require a checkup of the watch after a certain period of time. It helps prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the watch which can cause considerable damage.

Besides that, it gives a good idea about the parts which have exceeded their lifespan and those which requires immediate replacement. This way, you can be at peace with respect to the smooth operation of the watch. The servicing cost of the watch varies, depending on the service and type of watch at hand. A complete service of an automatic watch is quite expensive.

You should ask a quote for the service of your watch from a service of watch repair in Parker, CO, before deciding to go with it.


5.    Daily Use is Necessary

A wristwatch is a daily accessory. It is intended for use on a regular basis. It does rely on the energy of your movements and if you use it daily, it’s winding remains in place. Sufficient to say, you do not need to spend a staggering amount of time with these minor maintenance tips.

You can get more guidance from the product manual or look for an expert to watch repair in Parker, CO, and note down the tips you get.


6.    Purchase a Watch Winder

This is not compulsory, but for those who may need some assistance, a watch winder is a handy device for winding your watch when you need it to. Either that or you have a lot of watches at your home and winding all of them could take time. A watch winder is a one-time investment but it saves your watch from damage caused by inexperienced hands.

These watch winders cost from $50 to $3,000 and even higher depending on the brand in question. A high-end service provider of watch repair in Parker, CO, may have a spare device.


7.    Maintenance and Preventive Care

When the vintage watches can last for decades, then your watch can certainly last for many years, too. With the purchase of a watch, you should immediately adopt a mindset that this timepiece will outlast you. This mindset is key to passing the watch to the next generation.

Wristwatch enthusiasts can easily wear a single watch for years. It is due to immense care and dedication they give to their prized possession.

Regular trips to an expert of watch repair in Parker, CO, will further ensure the longevity of your timepiece.


8.    Use the Crown Delicately

A watch which is wound will always last longer. For automatic watches, it is prudent to wound it on a daily basis. Wearing is caring. The automatic timepiece needs to be on your wrist, not inside the box.

If you use the crown to wind the watch, then be gentle and spin the crown for 20 to 30 spins. Over winding it could harm the mainspring and stop as soon as you meet some resistance.

For a demonstration, look on the internet or visit an experienced service of watch repair in Parker, CO, and they will tell you how to go about it.


Final Word

As long as you have followed this guide as your wristwatch bible, you may not need to visit your local watch repair service for a few years, saving you both cost and valuable time.


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