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Timepiece repairs can be a bit expensive depending on the branded watch in question. If you hand over to a manufacturer for repairs, it will take considerable amount of time before you get it back. This is why you need to find a service that is widely renowned for watch repair in Littleton, CO. It is more convenient and less time-consuming.

Interestingly, a lot of elements can cause damage to a watch and it might slip your radar quite easily. Therefore, listed above are 5 common ways you might accidentally damage your watch. Keeping in mind these rookie mistakes will enable to avoid finding an expert of watch repair in Littleton, CO.


1.    Wrong Time for Date Adjustment

You have spent a fortune on a fine timepiece, the last thing you want is to pay an equally large fortune in repairing costs. All because you did not pay heed to the instruction manual. So, you should make a note to self – never set the date/time of the week during the hours of 9:00 pm and 3:00 am. Interestingly, certain watches also have their own guidelines so a product manual will definitely be your bible in that regard. To be on the safe side, avoid 2-3 hours before 9.00 pm and 3:00 pm to prevent damage.

Follow this rule of thumb and you may never need to visit a service provider of watch repair in Littleton, CO.


2.    Failing to Push the Recessed Pushers Completely

Recessed pushers are not as commonly used in wristwatches and many of the watch collectors are unaware of their existence. However, they do exist on expensive and complicated timepieces. Perpetual calendars are one instance where these are used.

These pushers controls the month, day, date, moon phase and even the leap year. The brands which sell watches with recessed pushers also provide a push pin/stylus with them. When a pusher is pushed incompletely, it can result in complications and incorrect timekeeping as a consequence.

Watch owners with recessed pushers should check the product manual and the internet before they decide to pop in the premises of an expert service of watch repair in Littleton, CO.


3.    The Effect of Magnetism

Magnetism has proved to be extremely beneficial for mankind. However, it can wreak havoc on your watch. This is why it is necessary to keep your prized possession far away from a magnet. Small metallic components inside a magnet can become magnetized. If you place your watch on a speaker, chances are that the components of a watch will become magnetized since the magnetic field is transferred to the watch.

After your wristwatch is magnetized, it will quickly lose seconds and minutes per day. If you take a compass and wave your watch in front of it, the needle of the compass will show movement, proving the magnetization effect. This tip saves you from the trouble of visiting a well-known watch repair in Littleton, CO.


4.    Using the Wristwatch Underwater

You may not know, but many people do use a watch underwater. Strange as it seems, people are forgetful and may take a dip in the sea with their watch on their wrist. Some have a purpose of wearing, professional divers wear wristwatches as their profession requires them to do so.

Some wristwatches are water-resistant to a certain extent; their pushers easily hold off water with no relative problem. But at greater depth, the position of the pusher is compromised, allowing water to seep through.

This can be easily prevented by placing it on a stand whenever the sea/swimming pool invites you towards itself. A repair job at any local or high-end service of watch repair in Littleton, CO, can cost a pretty penny.


5.     Cross Threading the Crown Accidentally

When you screw down the crown of your wristwatch, a common feature on sports and diving watches, it keeps the stem firmly in place, securing the gasket as well. After the watch is set and wound, it is just as necessary to make sure that the crown is screwed back. This process ensures that the watch is still airtight.

When the crown is out of alignment slightly, then tube threads may cross paths and result in permanent damage. It is advisable to learn this process first from an experienced and licensed professional of watch repair in Littleton, CO, to ensure safe running of your watch.


6.    Inappropriate Storage Methods

Storing the wristwatch properly can greatly help in increasing the longevity of the watch, whilst minimizing damage. If the watch is exposed to extreme cold and heat, it could result in damage to gaskets and movements. More so, a quick transfer of the watch from a cold to hot environment (or vice versa) can expand/contract the mechanical parts.

The dial can open up due to these temperature increases and cause further damage to a watch’s machinery. Excessive heat can create friction between the moving parts. Proper and responsible storage can help you keep those local companies of watch repair in Littleton, CO, at an arm’s length.

7.    Winding the Watch on the Wrist

Yes. It is easy and convenient at the same time, but winding a watch on your hands is a huge no-no. It can cause more harm than good. You can pull out the crown accidentally, or you could overwind. The angle at which you are rotating the crown could also create undue stress on movement. When the watch is removed from the wrist and then wound, then you eliminate the chance to ruin the crown. It is important to pull the crown at the right angle.

Some of the watches have built-in resistance when the mainspring is about to be fully wound. In certain newer models, you can wind continuously without harming the mainspring.

Do check the internet or the product manual before heading over to a reputed service of watch repair in Littleton, CO.



Keep these pointers in mind and you may not need to look for any services of watch repair in Littleton, CO, for a few years easily.


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