9 Vital Tips for Choosing a Reliable Service of Watch Repair in Aurora, CO!

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There are many reasons you often need a watch repair. It could be a simple battery change to other more extensive repair jobs. Selecting a professional and experienced watchmaker to work on your prized possession is not a piece of cake, especially if it is a rare vintage wristwatch whose production was discontinued decades ago.

The delicate parts of a timepiece can be damaged easily if they are mishandled. Therefore, the utmost care and delicate handling are required in putting on and taking off your watch. This is why selection of the right watchmaker is all the more important. You would prefer to leave your watch in professional and trained hands rather than someone who is a newbie.

So, when you go about selecting the right watch repairing service for your timepiece, keep these below-mentioned pointers in mind:


1.    Inquire About the Type of Watches

It is not very wise to just hand over your wristwatch to the first outlet of watch repair in Aurora, CO, which you see. It is important to ask some questions first. Ask the area of expertise of the watchmaker. Certain watchmakers deal in all forms of watches, whereas others work on select brands. Never hand over your watch to a repair shop which is unfamiliar with the movements of your particular timepiece.

For those with an antique watch, make sure that the repairing professional has prior experience with vintage watches.


2.    Check the Reviews and Reputation

Search the internet for reputed and experienced services of watch repair in Aurora, CO, and a handful of watchmakers will appear on the list. The ones with the best reputation will show up on top but do take recommendations from people in the area as well. Word of mouth recommendations never go out of fashion.


3.    Qualifications of an Experienced Watchmaker

Certifications and qualifications matter when it comes to repairing expensive wristwatches. Some of the industry experts have dedicated their lives to the art of restoring and repairing timepieces. The master watch repairers have earned advanced qualifications and therefore possess the right mix of knowledge and experience to deal with a wide variety of wristwatches.

So, when you enter a shop that advertises for watch repair in Aurora, CO, demand certifications and documentation from them. This will help separate wheat from the chaff.


4.    Inexpensive Repairs are Not Worth it

It is understandable that you are short of funds right now and the prospect of getting your watch serviced/repaired from a low-key repairman sounds enticing, but don’t take that road. You get what you pay for, as always. As is the case, complex timepieces require years of expertise and trained hands to complete the repair properly. Specialist parts are difficult to place in and watchmakers are trained for these repairs.

Keeping this in mind, remember to opt for a certified and licensed entity of watch repair in Aurora, CO, just to be on the safe side.


5.    Warranty on the Repairs Carried Out

Experienced and licensed professionals of watch repair in Aurora, CO, will definitely give a warranty for their work. Inexperienced and nondescript repairmen will give an oral warranty and attempt to shake liability later.

Make it a rule of thumb – Never leave your wristwatch with a service which is unable to give you a quote for its services before repair. Inexperienced watchmakers tend to callback after analyzing the situation fully.


6.    Experience of the Watchmaker

Along with qualifications, you also need to inquire about the service of experience in the field. Quiz them about working on similar models of the same brand and ask about their ‘process’. This will reveal the expertise of the entity quite easily and you may decide based on this information.

Assembling and disassembling a complex timepiece requires specialized training and experience and you need a watch repair in Aurora, CO, that is equipped with both. One is incomplete without the other.


7.    Factoring the Location Issue

It is important to take in consideration where is the watchmaker located? Do they own a physical workshop? Some experts of watch repairing are independent businessmen while others are employed by notable companies. Some of the watchmakers use postal service, which is convenient for them, saving them costs of a physical store and other related expenditures.

All these options are inconvenient if your timepiece is worth a fortune and you should not take a chance with them. Look for a physical office of the company that is renowned for watch repair in Aurora, CO, for routine repairs.


8.    Ask about the Replacement Parts

It is a vital factor which ensures the longevity of a watch. Original replacement parts of an expensive timepiece are highly important because inexpensive replacement parts simply will not do. Certified and experienced professionals who are known for watch repair in Aurora, CO, sources original parts from the manufacturers or have suppliers for that. In some cases, they send over your watch to the manufacturer’s facility for repair works.

What you need is a watchmaker with a physical store and in-house professionals who have replacement parts at the ready. This will greatly reduce your search for a repair expert from a myriad of options.


9.    Ask about the Time

As is the case, complex repairs done by an experienced repairman can take a few weeks. If a watchmaker tells you that it can be done very quickly, this should instantly ring alarm bells in your head. Timepieces are delicate mechanical systems and require careful handling. Just like a surgeon never rushes through an operation, quality watch repairs take their time.

Select only those companies to watch repair in Aurora, CO, who can deliver your timepiece as quickly as possible. This is only possible when it has in-house professionals for repair duties. Steer clear from those who outsource their repair works to third parties.



Keep these tips and tricks in mind and you will never go wrong with the finalized candidate for watch repair.


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