8 Tips For Finding A Reliable Watch Repair Shop | Denver, CO

We can all relate to the feeling of our timepiece breaking and not knowing what to do. Maybe the watch is vintage; maybe it’s brand new. Maybe you haven’t used the watch for a while. Whatever the situation, it is clear that you need to find a good watch repair shop.

If you live around Denver, CO, you can trust our watch services at Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry. We are backed by years of experience in the trade, and you can rest assured that your watch is in safe hands.

Read on as we share tips on how to find a reliable watch repair shop.

Get a Bit of Info About The Repairs You Need

Watch repair can sometimes be more expensive than a replacement. Thus, you must understand what type of watch you have and the real issue with the watch.

Your best bet is to Google the type of watch and the problem. We’ve all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.” To be clear, you are not Googling the issue because you want to fix the issue yourself. You probably won’t be able to assist the watch shop in fixing your timepiece.

You are educating yourself so that you are aware of the issue with your watch so that no one takes advantage of you. Plus, research will give you options about repair services.

Understand What Watch Repair Entails

On your way to a watch repair shop, think about coming up with a plan. This has to do with your budget and what’s wrong with your watch. Full service can look very promising on the surface. Full service will allow you to get more out of the watch. However, full service can be costly. The manufacturer may add new parts that bring the value of your timepiece down.

Having a plan will be critical. Look at the issue and compare it with your budget. Some watches are easier to fix than others. Finding the problem in a vintage watch can be challenging. To find and fix the issue in a vintage watch, it is likely that the horologist will have to take the entire watch apart, look for issues and replace any worn-out parts.

The good news is a full service should keep the watch running for a longer time. After a good full service, the watch only needs to be serviced every five to ten years after that. The bad news is that full service can be time-consuming and does not come cheap. If you have the patience and your bank account allows it, a full service is your best option.

Check Out the Repair Shop

When you enter the shop, keep a few things in mind. First, look at how clean the shop is. Someone who takes pride in their work will always ensure their workspace is clean. A clean shop means your watch won’t catch dust.

There’s a delicate balance here. Think of the horologist as someone who may not have the best people skills but might know a lot about fixing your watch. You shouldn’t have to deal with any rudeness but take any social awkwardness from the repair person with a grain of salt.

Check the competence of the employees. This will give you confidence that your watch is in good hands. It may be best to stay away from an untidy shop as they may lose your timepiece or give it to another person.


Don’t leave your watch in the hands of an uncertified jeweler. The watch technician you choose must have the necessary credentials to fix your watch effectively. The technician should be certified and their background verified.

Find Out What Type of Watches Are Repaired

Don’t just hand your watch to the first watch repair shop. Ask some questions first. Ask what type of watches the watchmaker repairs. Certain shops deal in all types of watches, whereas others work on specific brands.

Never choose a shop that does not understand what makes your particular timepiece tick. If you have a vintage watch, make sure the repair shop you choose has prior experience with antique watches.

Check the Online Reviews of the Shop

When you search the internet for “reputable watch repair services in Denver, CO,” many watch shops will appear on this list. Checking the reviews of each shop is always a good idea. If you do not want any surprises, choose the shop with the best reputation.

Warranty On the Repairs

Certified repair professionals will offer a warranty for their services. An inexperienced watchmaker may offer an oral warranty and attempt to go back on their word later. As a rule of thumb, ensure the watchmaker you choose offers a warranty for the service provided.

Customer Service

A good watch shop will have impeccable customer service. It is important to provide quality products and ensure that the customers are happy with their services.

This entails treating each customer like an individual and not just a number. The watch shop must listen to a customer’s concerns and answer any questions asked without being condescending.

Quality Watch Repair Services

Finding a reliable watch service is the first step to having your timepiece working efficiently. While it’s not always easy to vet repair shops, the tips above should give you a head start in finding a quality repair shop.

At Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry, we have built a solid reputation as the go-to watch service. So what sets us apart? We are backed by years of experience in the industry and work with skillful technicians to ensure all our repairs meet the highest quality standards. We also repair a wide range of brands and are a certified service center for leading brands.

Get in touch with Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry today for more information about our watch repair services in Denver, CO.

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