Time For Watch Repair Service On My Luxury Watch | Denver, CO

Whether you have a high-end luxury watch or a regular one, it will eventually need servicing. You can avoid a more expensive watch repair in Denver, CO, by knowing all the warning signs that it’s time to call a professional and get your timepiece repaired. Watch out for the signs below and ensure that you get help immediately.

1. Moisture

Do you see moisture or condensation on the dial or inside the crystal? We suggest calling a professional watchmaker immediately. Failure to address the issue could lead to a more costly watch repair. Remember, even the tiniest amount of moisture can corrode some components of your watch, drying out the lubrication in only a matter of hours.

You need to take your watch to a local watchmaker so a professional can immediately remove the moisture and save your watch. Otherwise, the dial will begin to rust and you may have no choice but to replace some components of your watch. This may cost you more money as a result.

One thing to remember about your mechanical watch: even a single water drop can already do lots of damage. We’re talking about a watch repair that may cost you a fortune if you’re not able to get help immediately. It’s best to take it to an experienced watchmaker so they can check for any issues and resolve that asap.

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2. Watch Runs Faster or Slower

When your watch is faster or slower for more than six seconds per day, there is likely something wrong with your timepiece. If you weren’t careful, your watch may have been magnetized — and the usual culprits for this are usually your computers, speakers, or cellphones.

Some parts of your watch will need to be lubricated for them to work efficiently. If it’s been a while since you had your watch professionally maintained or when it’s old, the oil could have dried. We suggest contacting a watch repair professional so they can inspect your watch for inconsistencies or damage.

3. Jumping Second Hand

If you have a mechanical watch, the second hand is supposed to tick consistently, making small movements every second. When the second hand only moves once every three seconds, it could be a sign of a greater issue. Please make sure you get in touch with a watch professional for assistance. Otherwise, the second hand may stop altogether. You may want to get your watch checked right away. Or if you have other issues, contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry immediately. We can handle any issues with your watch. Call us for professional maintenance or watch repair.

4. Rattling Sound

You may not notice a rattling sound on your watch on a busy day but take time to listen to it in the evening or in the middle of the night. A faint rattling sound could indicate that part of your watch may be loose — could be a screw problem.

Remember, even a small loose part could potentially damage your watch’s movement if you don’t address the problem right away. We recommend calling a watch professional for a watch repair in Denver, CO, and to have your watch checked.

5. Malfunctioning Features

If your watch has a built-in calendar and chronographs, it’s not uncommon for these features to eventually malfunction. Getting them fixed may be expensive, depending on the type of watch.

Some people may ignore a minor malfunction but we still recommend calling a watch professional to have your watch serviced. The internal components of your watch are connected and if the malfunction is caused by a loose part, this could lead to an even bigger problem if you fail to address it.

6. Watch Band Stiffness

When your watch’s metal bands feel stiff or you have issues with the leather straps, have it looked at by a professional. It’s also important to know how to properly care for your watch including the straps. The wrong type of cleaning solution can damage a leather strap. To avoid problems, use only the gentle cleaning solution.

Don’t Ignore Minor Issues

When your watch is accurate and still you feel something is off, take it to a professional for an inspection. Our team can help determine if there might be issues that need to be addressed. You can avoid costly repairs when you don’t ignore a minor problem. A single loose part can potentially do permanent damage when you fail to address it. If you suspect something is wrong, contact watch professionals immediately.

Get Professional Watch Maintenance

You can avoid costly watch repairs by properly caring for your watch. In addition to cleaning your timepiece often, please make sure you have it professionally serviced to ensure it’s in excellent shape.

If you’re going on vacation, your watch could be exposed to magnetization from the airport cameras, chlorine at the swimming pool, or salt on the beach. Have it checked for water resistance levels first or test it for magnetization. Inspect the bracelet too or the strap and make sure they’re tightened. You can contact us if you need help with these. Our team of professionals is skilled and experienced with watch repair, maintenance, and other services.

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