How Often Do I Need to Service My Watch? | Insight from Your Reliable Parker, CO Watch Repair Service Provider

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As a first-time fine watch owner, you may not be familiar with the proper way to take care of your watch. One big aspect of owning a watch is proper watch repair and maintenance. A watch is an investment, and the best way to take care of your investment is by maintaining it properly.

Think of your watch as your vehicle. You would not buy a new car and then skip all service visits. Eventually, the lack of new oil would burn out your engine. Even a new car can’t run on old, dirty oil. Similarly, your new watch may look shiny and impressive, but if you don’t practice good watch repair habits it will die. The good news is that your watch will need much less watch repair visits in Parker, CO than your car.

Keeping up with your watch’s regular maintenance tasks will help ensure your watch is accurate and functions correctly. It also will help you proactively discover issues before they lead to damage. Therefore, regular watch maintenance can help you save money on costly repairs in Parker, CO down the line.

There are no solid rules that govern when you should take your watch in for servicing. Most manufacturers have their own individual recommendations, so it is a good idea to read the paperwork that came with your watch. Breitling, for example, recommends that owners service their watches every two years while Cartier recommends about every five years.

Keep in mind that recommendations are just that, sometimes your watch will need to be serviced sooner than later. If something appears off it may be better to have it serviced sooner than later so you can make appropriate watch repairs if necessary. In some cases, more frequent servicing may be a good idea, such as when a watch has a water-resistant seal. Regular checks can help ensure your watch remains waterproof so you don’t end up with water damage and a large Parker, CO watch repair bill. On that note, if you tend to wear your timepiece in the water then you should plan on simple watch checks every year or two at a minimum.

What Are Some Common Signs that Indicate I Should Schedule a Watch Repair Visit?

Like most mechanical objects, there are some clear signs that your watch needs a repair visit. If you notice any of the above signs that you should schedule a watch service in Parker, CO even if it isn’t time for your regular servicing.

Moisture Anywhere on the Case: There should never be any moisture in the case of your watch. If you see any this is a sign that water was able to get past your seal and is now inside of your watch. The longer you allow the moisture to sit inside of your watch the higher the chances that it is going to start to rust inside. Rust will quickly add up the bill on your watch repair visit, so take your watch in right away. The same is true if you notice any dirt or dust inside of your case.

Skipping Hands: Most of the time a skipping second hand is the sign of a battery that is almost dead. Save yourself from living without a watch for a few days and proactively go get your watch serviced. Ignoring a skipping second hand will compromise the accuracy of your timepiece anyhow, so may as well get it fixed promptly.

Not Keeping Time: There are a lot of reasons why a watch may not be accurately keeping time. As just mentioned, a dying battery is one reason as is a problem with the magnetism, lubrication, or simply everyday wear and tear. If your watch is not keeping time then its sole function is malfunctioning, so it is time to have the professionals at Matheu’s Fine Watches troubleshoot the problem.

Noise: Outside of the simple tick of the watch second hand, you should never hear any noises come out of your timepiece. If you notice a rattle inside of your watch case then this is a sign that something is loose inside of the watch. It’s likely going to get worse if you wait on scheduling watch repair. The loose piece may lean on other pieces scratching and potentially damaging them.

Buying a Pre-Owned Watch: A lot of times it makes sense to buy a second-hand watch. Most fine watches are built to last decades, so if you buy a pre-owned watch that is only a few years old you can save a lot of money and still have a watch you can depend on. However, if the seller does not have any records that prove the watch was serviced recently, it’s a good idea to take it to a watch repair shop to be appraised and serviced.

Why Do Different Watch Manufacturers Have Different Service Intervals?

Every timepiece is different than its counterpart. Some timepieces are sensitive to aging or weather elements compared to others. Plus, watchmakers tend to set their recommended service intervals based on the typical lifestyle of those who use them. An active young rock climber with a sporting fine watch is going to use his or her watch differently than a middle-aged businessman who plays golf on the weekends.

This is one reason why some watchmakers choose to offer service interval ranges instead of setting an exact date. Underwater watches are a great example of watches that need more frequent servicing to protect them. On that topic, environmental conditions also play a role in the expected lifespan of your watch and its service needs. If you live in an area that is extremely dry or very humid you may need more watch repairs than someone else with the same watch.