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Some people throw out their retro watches or leave them to gather dust in a drawer. If that sounds like you – we say you’re missing a trick. Watch repair gives you the chance to impress the people of Littleton, CO, with a timepiece for every occasion from casual to business. Wearing a different watch to suit your style for various commitments and the events you attend genuinely makes you stand out from the crowd. Fashion is ever-changing, so stay ahead of the curve by updating older styles to suit what you’re doing rather than playing catch-up with trends.

You can fix new straps onto watches you’ve stopped wearing to modernize them, repair that old favorite you’ve forgotten about, or simply buy new models. Whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the town for an extravagant night out, you need to make sure your wrist is adorned appropriately. Matching your watch to your look and making sure it complements the surroundings is a surefire way to impress.

Why Have a Different Watch for Each Occasion?

Perhaps you have one watch that you wear for special occasions and one that you wear on a more casual basis. It’s likely you update these essential parts of your wardrobe once every few years. However, maintaining a variety of watches has many benefits and gives you more choices in your day to day life. For more casual occasions, you can use a watch repair service to update older watches. When it comes to formal events or situations where you want to dazzle, buying a new model might be more appropriate. Here are some of the reasons why we recommend updating and expanding your collection.


Most of us want to save our most precious pieces for events where their decorative value and durability will be appreciated, and for a good reason. You shouldn’t risk wearing a less durable but more beautiful watch at the gym or while out for a run. Each watch you own should suit the level of activity and formality of what you’re doing.


You’ll have noticed that when you wear a desirable timepiece, people’s gaze will often fall upon your wrist. Elegant watches are a status symbol around the world, and they display a sense of respectability and prestige. When you have a piece to complement blue, black, brown or gray outfits, you effortlessly elevate your overall level of sophistication.


Having an old faithful watch has its charms, but we all get bored of wearing the same thing day in day out. Having a range to choose from lets you shake up your routine and enjoy the process of selecting the perfect piece to match up with your outfit. Wearing a variety of distinguished watches is not the kind of thing that goes unnoticed, so you’re bound to stand out as a go-getter if you’re paying attention to these finer details of fashion.


The complex nature of a timepiece means that maintenance and watch repair are necessities now and again. Having others to wear for these times saves you from experiencing that bare-wristed feeling.

Refine Your Look for Black Tie

Of course, a formal event calls for a fancy watch. If you’re attending a close friend or colleague’s elegant wedding or a dress-to-impress event that begins after 6 pm, the chances are the invitation will stipulate that it’s a black-tie event. Few items of clothing make a man feel as refined and handsome as he does in a black suit, and every woman feels her best in an evening dress. The watch you wear to these events must be as chic as the clothes you wear.

It’s of the utmost importance that the color scheme is complementary. So, a man’s piece should be black leather and the color a woman wears should coordinate perfectly with her dress. A black watch face is also the most appropriate for formal wear. The lug width of a formal watch should be slim enough to slip under your cuff without looking clunky. A Raymond Weil Maestro model could be the ideal statement timepiece for a formal event.

Dress to Impress in Business 

When you’re considering which watch to wear for meetings, work and job interviews in Littleton, CO, think classic and elegant. You want to furnish a sense of sophistication without being overtly flashy – some of the rules that apply to black-tie also fit for business. We recommend adding a touch of your style, and the watch face doesn’t need to be quite as slender. Whether you’re in the boardroom or taking your clients to lunch, you want to look chic and convey a sense of effortless confidence. Something like this Tag Heuer Carrera would go perfectly with a blue suit. It’s bold enough to get you noticed but subtle enough to demonstrate refinery.

Show off Your Watch While Staying Fit

Successful people need to let off steam and unwind by hitting the gym, climbing or going for a run, and Littleton, CO isn’t short of opportunities for outdoor adventures. A timepiece for staying active needs to be durable and have a strap that’s kind to the skin. Stop-clocks, touch screens and being able to withstand high altitudes are excellent features for sport – so we’d recommend selecting a watch like the Tissot Touch Expert.

Watch Repair for Weekend Casual Wear

The weekend can take you all over the place, from enjoying the great outdoors to going to a restaurant with your family. You can find luxury hybrid watches that combine durability with a distinguished aesthetic and can be worn throughout the day and evening on weekends. Outside of a formal setting, you can indulge yourself and go a little bigger, as well as being more playful with the color of the strap and face. You could seek out a watch repair service in Littleton, CO, to refurbish one of your retro models or get the strap changed to one that better matches your favorite casual wear.

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