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Luxury watches are incredibly expensive — some of them can cost several thousands of dollars. You’d want to protect this investment by properly caring for your watch. In this article, we’ll talk about effective tips to maintain your luxury watch and avoid costly repairs and replacements. Also, when getting your watched professional service, make sure to only hire qualified people.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry for professional watch maintenance or watch repair in Littleton, CO. Our team of professionals will make sure your luxury watch is in excellent shape.

Tips for maintaining a luxury watch:

One of the things you can do before wearing your watch is to read the manual first. If there are things you don’t understand, please contact the manufacturer. You may also get in touch with us so we can help. Below are some tips to avoid expensive watch repairs:

1. Clean Your Watch Often

Use a gentle soap and warm water when cleaning your watch. First, carefully remove the watch bracelet to effectively get rid of the grime. Using your fingers, gently scrub away the dirt on the watch. Prepare another bowl with water and soap to wash the watch’s bracelet. Scrub it by using a soft brush only. After washing and rinsing, make sure to dry both with a soft cloth. You may also use a hairdryer for your watch and bracelet. Once the bracelet has dried, carefully reattach it. If you’re not confident about removing the bracelet, we suggest you get help from a professional. You can avoid costly watch repairs by making sure a qualified person is deep-cleaning your watch.

How often to clean your watch depends on how much you use the accessory and how dirty the watch is. You may also quickly clean it by frequently washing your watch with warm running water and gentle soap. For other questions, please contact us today!

2. Avoid Magnets Like the Plague

Are you aware that the magnet is your watch’s public enemy number one? Magnetic fields affect the accuracy of your watch and may even damage it permanently. If there are steel components in your watch, the magnet can create an even bigger problem. Unless your watch can resist magnetic fields, we suggest you avoid magnets when wearing your mechanical watch.

3. Keep the Watch Storage Box

If you’re not wearing your luxury watch, we suggest that you keep it in the watch storage box. You may scratch your watch if it’s not in the proper storage. Moisture can also damage a watch because it can affect the lubricating properties of the oil. To combat moisture, try storing your watches with silica gel. You can avoid costly watch repairs in Littleton, CO when the watch is properly stored. Contact your manufacturer if you need further assistance.

Also — if you’re planning to sell your watch in the future, the original box along with the warranty cards and the authenticity certificates can add value.

4. Avoid Extended Exposure to Direct Sunlight

If you want to keep your watch in excellent shape, make sure that you avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Extended exposure can affect the color of your watch — you may notice it fading gradually. The heat could also shorten your watch’s battery life. It may not permanently damage the watch but the effect of prolonged exposure to sunlight can depreciate the value of your watch.

5. Get it Professionally Serviced

If you have a watch that’s more than 4-years old and hasn’t been serviced yet, we suggest you get it professionally maintained. A professional can thoroughly inspect all the components of your watch and let you know if there might be issues that need to be addressed. Never skip professional maintenance, especially for vintage watches that are more than four years old. Why? When one of its components breaks, you will only pay more when you decide to get it serviced.

Also, you don’t have to wait for four years to get your watch professionally serviced. If you think your watch needs service, please contact Matheu’s Fine Watches & Jewelry immediately. You can avoid costly watch repairs if the watch is well maintained.

6. Know Your Watch’s Limit

For water-resistant watches, make sure to find out how deep they can safely go. If the watch can’t handle the depths, you’ll only end up paying for a costly watch repair or a replacement.

Contact the manufacturer if you have questions about your watch’s limits. If you have a leather band watch, please avoid getting it wet or it will weaken the leather watch strap.

7. Be Careful with Perfumes and Oils

If you have to use perfumes or lotions, please let them dry completely before wearing your watch. Perfumes can damage your watch’s leather bands. Solvents can eat away at the coating on the crystals used in high-end watches. Cleaning products and strong detergents can also damage your watch. Steer clear of them to avoid expensive watch repairs.

Don’t Ignore a Minor Problem

If your luxury watch is working but there is a minor issue with one of its functions, we recommend that you get watch repair immediately. Getting it checked as a minor issue today could manifest itself into a bigger problem that will cost you a fortune in repair.

Signs it’s time to get your watch service:

  • Watch is too slow or too fast
  • Seeing moisture
  • Too tight or loose
  • One component isn’t working

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